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  1. Good point, I'll add those as well. For Jokers i don't think I'll make them players, perhaps a form of the EMC logo or something general. Or I draw myself as the joker. :)
    Anyone have any suggestions?
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  2. The minecraft mobs; skelly, creeper, zombie and ghast?
  3. Aikar is the Joker
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  4. Aikar and Kryssy seem like great candidates for the Jokers, as they, the purple pair, would be able to "do anything," whether that be in EMC with their adminstuffs or in Cards with their jokerstuffs

    also dang i wish i managed to sneak my name into this
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  5. That does make sense!
  6. Progryck, i changed my name to W1therRex, so i will remove this line "(write my name in card is W1therRex because i will change to this name in 2 day later)"
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  7. Oops, after checking the list it seems I made an error. The 2 of spades is still available.
    Since you would have had it had i not made the mistake, is it ok if I give you this card?
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  8. The two of spades would be PERFECT! It's what I'd've asked for anyways. Thank you so much for sneaking me in!

    Edit: Epic Style
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  9. There we go, it is done:
    as requested I have added Aikar and Krysyy as the Jokers. (can someone direct them to this thread? In case they would rather not be included in this project, since they didn't give their explicit approval)

    Disclaimer: This is a fan project and as such should not be interpreted as EMC official merchandise. Do not sell or distribute outside of the EMC forums without propper knowledge and approval of official EMC representatives.

    All cards are now available in this folder, as well as the back of the cards.
    (there are even special backs made per card, in case any magicians are watching this thread and want to amaze their audience. ;) )
    I do have a request though: I am notorious for making silly spelling mistakes, so everyone please check their card to see if they have the correct number, suit and name. Thanks. :p

    Thank you everyone for sticking with me through this project so far, it has been amazing to see the enthusiasm.

    It's not over yet! 22 more cards are waiting to be claimed.
    Next Saturday around noon (EMC time) I will continue this thread with a game of challenges. Everyone will have the chance to claim one of these special cards, even if you already have a normal card. More info will follow on Saturday.
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  10. Looks awesome! :)
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  11. nice deck! :)
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  12. Well shoot.. I missed getting in there.. dang internet. They look amazing Progryck! =D Can't wait to see the full decks all done. =D
  13. They look amazing. Thank you for doing this for the community :D
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  14. This is utter awesomeness!!

    Thank you for this epic project :D
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  15. :eek: All is not lost!! I was just checking the details on those amazing cards above and noticed Progryck saying there are 22 more waiting to be claimed! I'll be there for sure.. unless I'm scheduled to work :( but otherwise.. I won't miss it! So excited to see what his creative mind has in store for us this time. :D
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  16. Excuse me, but why not ask them yourself?
  17. Because I don't want to bother them with it since I assume they are busy people and was hoping there would be staff or someone who knows them a bit better that could nudge them over here on their own time. :p
  18. I would like to add that I think Progryck should also be on one of the cards.. maybe the informational card(s) with him as the back so they're easily found within the deck.

    I'd buy this deck in a heart beat too.. just sayin. :D
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  19. These are so cool! Thank you so much for making one for me! I'm honored that I got to be a part of this! I've only changed my profile pic twice before so this will probably be my new one for a long time!
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  20. Small bump to make sure everyone has seen this before it's too late.
    Tomorrow around this time I'll tell you all how to claim another card. Some cards may be claimed really fast, so keep an eye on this thread if you want the most options. You have been warned.