EMC Staff Application 9.0

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  1. New Staff Application is LIVE!

    I've redesigned how the staff application process works, so there needed to be a new application to go with it.
    If you've ever thought about being staff and think you'd be good at it, please apply. Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be contacted for second round interviews if they seem like they may be a good fit for our team here on EMC.

    A few notes about Application 9.0:
    -If you already filled out a previous version, please fill this one out anyway. There are new questions and we would like to see who has an active interest currently.
    -Please proofread your responses and put some effort into it, but don't overdo it. It's not a college application, but it's not a Dunkin' Donuts satisfaction survey either.
    -READ the appropriate sections. Inability to read is easily a way to have your application ignored.

    Think you're up to the task of EMC Moderator?
    Apply here: applyforstaff.emc.gs
    (don't use staffapp.emc.gs until I can get it updated this afternoon)
  2. Awww man I have to be active? Time to dust off minecraft
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  3. I am not looking to start a debate, but, Kryssy, "and to never allow personal feelings to your actions". Jet, you made a thread about doing exactly that: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/krysyys-life-changes-story.78478/
    (I know, your side is more complicated, but this is not my point.)

    Do I think you should have, though your divorce, not changed your behaviour at all? no, of course not, we're humans.
    Do I think a staff member can ban anyone because they had a bad day at work? no, of course not, that's not how rules work.

    I do, though, find that "never" a bit hypocritical, especially as someone for whom the official reason they got kicked out the build team was a statement of me doing this, after I was unable to be a good social person the day after the funeral of my ex-girlfriend and still very good friend, who committed suicide.
    I am not here to debate on if I was rightfully put out the build team: I only did the work I did for EMC, as I felt I had to do something for it, though I was not in the financial state to do it the normal way, if you don't want it, you don't want it.
    I type that because that is on my mind when typing this, though I would not want it to be.

    First of all: Let’s assume that with “never influencing actions” you did not see not acting as influencing your actions. Technically speaking, choosing to take a break because it’s too much is influencing your actions, but I assume that that is what you are encouraging here, not discouraging. Yes, That is the first thing I thought when I read that: “So you may not even choose to take a break?”

    That “never”, to me, basically means that clicking “accept” means “I am a Robot.”
    And maybe that just is because I didn’t learn this langue by being raised with it, but by painstakingly learning words and grammatical rules from a textbook, but I don’t think it is.

    You see: of course, you have to take a break when you feel bad or frustrated about something. I’ve had my days where I would go face down in bed crying the whole day for a week straight, but, usually, that is not what I would do when I’m feeling really bad, I would, let’s say, go play a game: like Minecraft.
    It would be absurd to ask someone to not let your personal life shine through something you’re doing because you don’t want to let your personal life shine through something else, or just because of that personal stuff. For a team member, that thing they do at that point, probably is doing team-member-stuff. Not only because it is something they love to do, but also because it feels like you are helping someone.
    Most people I know who have suffered a depression, which are quite a lot of people, would, if they are feeling bad, go do something they feel has, to at least some extend, a greater use, one above their personal one. I don’t see why this would be different from people who don’t suffer a depression, it just happens less often.
    Honestly, I think it’s unreasonable to ask people to not affect their gameplay in these scenarios.

    But I really dislike it when people publicly complain about something they dislike, without suggesting a way to solve that or giving a, in their opinion, better alternative. So, this is what I would say. It’s from my experience as a volunteer worker at a dementia centre, which has all the parallels with staff it needs to have.
    Usually, what happens when someone feels really bad: They don’t tell it, they want to pretend like everything is normal, because they want it to be, of course they do. Within the first half an hour, everyone noticed, and someone asks them what is wrong. When they have told their story, something like this happens:
    “I don’t know what to say, and, you know what, I don’t think I have to say anything either. Jet, we cannot pretend like nothing’s happened, and, I am really sorry, but we cannot continue like this. Come, let’s go down; let's stop what we're doing and have a cup of tea.”


    Would I be a bad staff member because of my past depression and other life stuff? Probably, but I don’t think ignoring someone’s personal life is the way to go either: This isn’t a dilemma between the two extremes.

    Why am I posting this here? Because I think the staff application is the best place to see what is generally required of staff, and therefore, I think it’s the best place to comment on that.
  4. You are reading far too much into it. Not allowing personal feelings to affect your actions means if you have a personal problem with someone, you still treat them as you would any other player. I've had players tell me some pretty awful stuff on a personal level, but I'm not going to ban them for a personal dispute. It can also mean that in times of crisis, such as my own divorce you brought up, I took myself out of an equation in which I may have had a shorter fuse when handling players. Staff are not robots, but they MUST have control over their emotions. At a bare minimum, they have to actively treat every case fairly and without bias.
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  5. I can dream, BECKY.
  6. Sorry can someone tell me what this says? Having trouble reading it.
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  7. Lemme smash
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  8. Make sure to spell check and that you use proper grammar
  9. Let me type it a little bit louder for you.


    Hope that helps.
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  10. Awesome, looks great
  11. Oh, cool. A new Staff App. Time to see if I make the cut this time around. :D
  12. Must admit-- this is the best staff application yet! Great job Krysyy!
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  13. Applied before, applied now :)
    Moderator, Builder, pshhh same thing :p

    Edit: I was wondering why
    "What is your most rewarding/impressive achievement on EMC to date?*"
    is is a required question - I would think that you guys were just curious about your maybe-future-staff members but then it wouldn't be required to answer :p
    I can't recall anything significant that I've done, but I do have a pretty bad memory...
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  14. I really appreciate the scenarios given towards the end. Now I just gotta wait and see :D
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  15. dawg it's really not as complicated as you're making it to be. All they're looking for is for you to act professionally. No different than being sad when you go to work, and having to still do your job. Staff can't go on and insta-ban someone for a minor offense because they're on a short temper because of something else.
    In general it's just never appropriate to take your personal problems out on other people. It's a consideration thing. So yes, staff should NEVER allow their personal life to influence their work in any major way. If something was going on and they needed time off of being a moderator, I'm 100% sure that krysyy or whoever would be more than willing to accommodate whatever you need.

    I think you should consider letting people know if they haven't been accepted, and why, as well. As someone who has put out dozens of applications and interviews for jobs and internships (computer science struggles), it's really nice when they respond at least just to let you know that you weren't accepted, so you aren't just waiting and wondering forever until you give up hope.[/quote]
  16. The reason we don't tell someone they weren't selected is because they still may get selected.

    Just because someone isn't selected now doesn't mean the application is just trashed. Krysyy is always going back through the list of all that have applied to find players to invite to join the staff team even after weeks or months have passed by.
  17. My point still stands. I think it's a reasonable courtesy to give those who have applied regardless. Even if it's to say "Hey, we've reviewed your application and while we aren't picking you for staff now, we may contact you again someday when we need even more staff."
  18. Perhaps they steer away from that to avoid people getting their hopes up or something y'know. It may be that it can give a false impression to some people
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