Krysyy's Life Changes Story

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  1. The following is very personal. I ask that if you have something indecent or rude to say, just don't say it. I am making myself very vulnerable in this post and deflecting personal attacks isn't in my arsenal today. It's also written with very little editing, so it may ramble at times.

    Without further delay...

    Where's Krysyy? This isn't some new game like 'Where's Waldo?'. It's a question that may or may not have been on some of your minds lately. In all honesty, it's been on mine too. Let's back up a bit and explain some background here.

    You may or may not know me. I hope that I've at least managed to say hi to you at least once while you've been on EMC, unless you are brand new. I'm the Community Manager for EMC and have been for quite a few years now. I'm a tad too lazy to partake in that math at the moment, so let's just say a 'few' years. I've seen pretty much all you can see on EMC, when it comes to staff-related incidents, player shop ownership, and even starting an outpost. Of course, I don't handle a shop or an outpost these days, but the point stands. I've been a part of EMC since early 2012. I was introduced to it by a man who you all have come to know as 'Moose', or ignoramoose if you go by his full in-game name. We started playing together, we were staff together, then senior staff...then Moose didn't play anymore. He got busy and tied up with work all the time. So it was just me, with Moose every now and then. He'd still pipe in with contest ideas and act as a sounding board for promo items, etc. He was very much a part of the behind the scenes, until now.

    Moose and I have decided to go our separate ways. (Okay, that's a little vague and completely inaccurate.) Moose and I are getting a divorce after only 2.5 years of marriage and almost 7 years overall, and while I'm okay with it, I didn't make the decision. Didn't see that coming? Neither did I, though I should have. So what made me okay with sharing this with you all? Simply put, I was reminded that you all are my EMC family. My irl family has gone leaps and bounds to make the transition easier. Meanwhile, I've been hiding from my EMC family and I feel ashamed for doing so. Before you start with any pity parties, know that I'm okay. I'm living with a roof over my head and I'll stand on my own two feet again soon. I just got a rug pulled out from under me, so I've gotta first get back up before I can 'learn to walk again'. I'm going to do my best to stop being absent on EMC, and actually be here again, mentally and physically. I told Senior Staff earlier this week, and Moderators/Developers today. By having you all know, I feel comfortable being on here without feeling like I'm deceiving you all. So that's the reason for this post.

    Know that I don't hate Moose. What happened was a change in who we are at our very cores. As he put it, we very likely could have stayed together, though it would have been out of sheer stubbornness and led to the same result further on down the road. What we want out of life changed, and didn't add up. While he made the call, he and I are very much on speaking terms. I'm keeping our big fluffballs (dogs) and he's keeping the miniature fluffballs (cats). I've been moving items and today I packed up what remains of the life I was so focused on building, that I didn't notice the foundation start to crumble. While it seems like my life has hit a giant pothole, I know I'll be okay. Being active on EMC is a part of that recovery process, as well as being open with all of you as to my recent absence.

    When I posted the contest for 'Life Changes', I never imagined that my life would be undergoing one of the toughest changes yet. I know that I have plenty more changes ahead of me and I know that I'll be better as a result of every challenge in my way.

    Oh, and before anyone asks about the residences, etc that Moose and I built, Moose has relinquished all we built together on EMC to me. So look at it this way, at least I got full ownership of our 2 original dragon eggs out of the divorce. (it's a joke, I can be funny while serious) I'll look more into what exactly was happening with his event residence and whatnot, as well as assess the changing of any ownerships officially when I have my main computer on hand (currently on laptop).

    So there you have it. I'm okay, he's okay, and we're both going to be better off in the long run. The short run just sucks and the uncertainty of my future is a very real feeling. I do know that it will continue to have EMC in it, so I'm glad for that. It's high time I stop hiding and start being an active part of this amazing server again.

  2. Thank you for all you do for this community, I speak for everyone when I say, We love you. <3
  3. <3
  4. <(._.<)

    I am sorry for what you are going through. But also glad you are working it out well! Most people don't. Sucks. BUT it happens, it's part of growing.

    i hope i make sense. as i often do not

    I also feel bad for all the headbutting I feel we have had when I wanted to do something for the community and it just wasn't a good idea or whatever..
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  5. There was a time when I wanted to do things and they weren't good ideas either. Just keep brainstorming =)
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  6. Idk if that was properly put. Good ideas or just not in the best interest of the server like I thought. That's why you are Admin, and I am lowly pleb xD
  7. I'm talking about when I was a 'pleb'.
  8. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard situation right now. It is unfortunate about what happened, but the EMC community is always behind you. You do so much for us and our gratitude can only be described by:
    Power through Krysyy!
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  9. O

    I retract my previous statement. Sorta. But I do know things will get better. They tend to, to good people. Of which you are not. You are one of the best.
  10. Aw.. I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with this right now. Thank you for all you do for this community, and know we're here for you. It's okay you've been gone for a bit - divorce can be really rough. Take your time; this community is second to your life. (Though we have missed you!)

    Hope stuff goes better for you soon.

  11. Hey Krysyy, sorry to hear about what you've been going through recently. :( I will say though, I'm proud to belong to a server with people like you, that keep on going even when times get tough. Your dedication to the players on EMC over the last "few" years is incredible. Thank you for what you do on here.

    Good luck with the transition. Your second family is always here for you <3
  12. Aw, friend! I am sorry :/

    One great thing to think about, as sucky as the situation is, at least there's not children custody issues :)

    Feel better! <3
  13. This is pretty sad to read but I am glad you are doing okay. I have been pretty deceitful myself lately and pretty spiteful of my old staff friends. Some of it for personal reasons, some of it simply as "guilty by association." Without derailing this too far onto myself though, I want to say that for a while, I did really not like you. I felt quite unappreciated and when some of my supposed "friends" stopped talking to me, yeah, I blamed everyone related to SS+ for it. Including you. But I want to say now I see that... a lot has been going on behind the scenes, with everyone, and that my lashing out and vitriol is probably undeserved.

    It's been a confusing time for a lot of us and is about to be a lot more confusing for you. I'm sorry this is happening but I hope you (and him) still turn out better for it. And I hope that we all can get a little more involved again in the EMC family. I know I miss you guys... I miss you guys a lot.

    Here's to hoping to see you around more, and myself. <3
  14. Change sometimes is for the better even though it may hurt at first. I hope we as a community can bring back a happy spirit for you to look forward to. I'll say here again, if you ever need someone to speak to, you may always ping my discord and I'll make time as soon as I can if you need to chat. I'll always look forward to anything we can do together/talk together about :)
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  15. Nothing stays the same, and there will be many changes in your life. Strike these challenges down and get through it! I know you can! Same with moose!

    Thank you for your honesty and dedication to the community.
  16. Feel free to message me more in private. I hate to hear you feel/felt this way.
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  17. I hope both your life and Moose’s although now separate, successfully recover and find happiness once again!!! Good luck to the both of you!

    Krysyy, you have always been a good comm manager, and you definitely are one of my role models I follow. Keep being you!

    -Tuqueque <3
  18. We're here for ya. Take a break, if you need, but thanks for being the amazing community manager you are.
  19. Good luck, Krysyy. Much love.
  20. --hugs--
    Wishing you the best!
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