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  1. There are ways to mitigate that though, what I said was just an example. I don't know if you've ever done job or college applications before but if you haven't, soon you'll understand what I'm talking about. It's nice to not just have these things in the air, with no idea what the timeline or status is.
  2. I'm sorry, but I could not not respond to that...

    What you're doing here, is called "denying a conjunct", which is part of the informal fallacy called a false dilemma

    Which I already warned not to use:
    But I do think you do make a point:

    Indeed, I am extremely precise when it comes to written langue: weighing every word against another. Usually, that indeed is not necessary and probably neither desirable, but, in this scenario, I think it is important that someone who reads the way I do is still understanding the text in the way it was intended to be understood.
    That is because if it is not, you are relying on social communication. My degree is not in psychology, so I probably don’t completely understand it, but I do know a lot about linguistics, so I’m going to try:
    Basically: all communication relies on the assumption that everyone is speaking the same langue. I’m not talking about just “English” or “French”, but about all the little differences between how every single person would define a word or relates to certain comparison used to explain.
    Formal langue tries to minimise the influences these minor differences have, which means avoiding words or phrases that are poorly defined or those that differ a lot between cultures.
    Social communication relies on these words and phrases, using phrases that are similar to: “you know”; “like” and “stuff like that”. Or langue otherwise referencing common interests and experiences.

    The fact that I am able to “read too much into it” means that 1: there is social communication used and that; 2: I don’t understand that social communication, probably because I am Dutch.

    Of course, there is no harsh line between social communication and formal communication, I am, to some extent, making a false dilemma myself, but I don’t think that that false dilemma, which in fact is just a simplification of complicated academic terms, influences the point I am trying to make.

    (I also read the rest of it, I’m just going to quote this one.)

    There is one very important difference between a job and this: Here, there is no such thing as being denied: you only are accepted. (as Socks pointed out) that indeed means that, even though it’s nice to “not just have these things in the air, with no idea what the timeline or status is.”, that is exactly what they are: if you’re not accepted, they are just in the air, with no idea of a timeline or status, so there is no way in which you can be told it is not, other than being told you are accepted when you are. All they can tell you are the things you already know, so there is no point of telling you.
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  3. In the case of staff applications, the reason for lack of status notification is due primarily to the fact that once you have an application in, it's valid until a new application version is released. There are MANY players whom apply and we review their in-game activity, messages, etc and determine that while they are good, they aren't great yet. They need to marinate just a little longer, or simply prove that one incident (if bad) is not a reoccurring problem. We don't inform of this status because at any moment we could decide that the player is finally ready or we may determine we want to see more activity from them. We usually are not going to directly tell a player that they need to be more active because then they are more active only with an end goal in mind of proving a point. These players, once attaining mod status, then have the biggest issues with remaining active and I end up regretting the decision. Granted we are trying something a little different with the interview process this round, but players have to get to that point first.

    In the end, it's a balance and is nothing like college or job applications because there is not a timeline nor a limited amount of spots to fill.
  4. On that note, and as I'm reviewing these applications starting this morning, there is one reoccurring issue:

    If the last time you spoke in public chat was 2 months ago, or your page of recent log-ins jumps back to 8 months within 20 log-ins, you do not meet the criteria for activity currently and you need to work on it. I'm not going to send each applicant a separate message about this, but PLEASE review what we are looking for before you hit submit. If you don't meet the criteria, hold off until you do. It saves me from marking your application as 'need more activity' in my private log.
  5. In the thank you for submitting there is a random bunch of letters like asdwer just thought someone might want to know

    i have submitted
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  6. I've met 8 logins in the last 8 months, totally worthy. Fourms are a different story but not,enough criteria in that alone. I knew Krysyy didn't want inactive players so I haven't bothered although I want too. Hopefully 1.13 will spark my interest and start playing
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  7. I have just noticed a change to the staff, or rather a reduction, most likely due to inactivity, people getting busy in life with work and other commitments. I am sure given time, circumstances and interest they will return to the EMC and be able to re-apply for staff. I had that privilege for a time, and I enjoyed it but I found it was not for me, but if you feel you could do the job then apply, and remember it's not what you can get out of it, its what you can do for the community. Trust me you will benefit when you give you always get back in buckets. (Good Will)

    Milk Bucket
    Lava Bucket
    Water Bucket
    Slime Buc... :D
  8. Does this mean activity in a given time frame or over your whole EMC existence? I’ve been very active lately but my activity was patchy for months. And before that I was very active aswell. Like, when you look at activity, do you look at all time or in the past month or two?
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  9. Aww I forgot to hit apply so I have to write it all again ;-;

    I'm the opposite: I have been very active lately but I am going to start being patchy because I am on break for a little bit.

    Will this affect my chances of being staff now and/or when I fully return? I'm sure it won't for you, Pizza, since you are active now.
  10. Sounds great Krysyy!