EMC Staff App v.12 and Staff Suggestion Form Updated!

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  1. EMC Staff Application v.12 is Now LIVE!

    The Staff Suggestion Form was ALSO updated.

    The ideal moderator candidate is:


    If you think you have what it takes to be an EMC Moderator, then apply!

    staffapp.emc.gs or modapp.emc.gs

    Any previous application on version 11 or before is outdated and in order to be considered, you must fill out the new application.

    Don't want to be staff, but want to share your thoughts on who you think SHOULD BE? Use suggeststaff.emc.gs to share those thoughts privately to the people selecting staff.

    Q&A Section:

    Q: I applied for staff, when will I hear back?
    A: Due to the amount of applications we receive, you will only hear back if you are being asked for more information or being invited to the next step of the process. Sometimes during application review we see something that may raise a concern such as limited activity, but we like the rest of the application. So we want to give more time to establish if activity will be a problem.

    Q: Who looks at these applications?
    A: Our Senior Staff and the Community Manager reviews the applications.

    Q: How long are applications open for?
    A: Until the new version is released. We are constantly open for Staff applications.

    Q: Can I ask staff how my application is going or how to get accepted?
    A: NO. Please do not bother us for status of your application. Doing so may actually hurt your chances because it shows a lack of patience and inability to follow directions, which is VERY necessary as staff.

    Q: I applied on the old application form do I have to apply again?
    A: Yes. In order to be considered, you must fill out the most recent version of the application. Once a new version is live, the old entries are no longer valid.

    Q: Do you have a minimum age to apply?
    A: We are ideally looking for moderators who are mature. If you consider yourself mature, go ahead and apply. Sometimes players who are 16 are more mature than those that are 40+. Age is just a number.

    Q: I don't have a supporter rank, can I still apply?
    A: Yes! We are interested in getting the best people regardless of in-game rank. You don't buy your way to staff on EMC.

    Q: I have been punished on the server before, will this effect my application?
    A: These are looked at individually. Regarding punishments, severity and time since offense will be the most important deciding factors. We believe that everyone can change, but not overnight.

    Q: Can I apply multiple times?
    A: We prefer that you only apply once, but if you did not include all relevant information due to an error, then please re-apply to include it.

    Q: How long should do I have to be a player before applying?
    A: There is no distinct time limit, though we prefer that you have a thorough understanding of EMC to perform your duties as a moderator.
  2. always nice to have fresh greens
  3. I wonder if I’ll get picked.
  4. Woohoo!! Good luck to everyone who is applying. :)

    Maybe I'll be chosen this time around? :eek:

    *Chants* Green beans! Green beans! Green beans!
  5. Nice! More green greatness awaits for the future!
  6. Keep in mind that if you apply for moderatorship, you can no longer get a random onion ring in your French fries sometimes.

    It’s a trade-off.
  7. Excited to see some new green faces!
  8. "Don't want to be staff, but want to share your thoughts on who you think SHOULD BE?"

    Yes, I'll be that person who logs in rarely, stares at people like :| and then logs off.
    I will be the moderator who moderates just by staring at people sternly.
    People will be so scared every time that I log in.
    They will be scared when I :|
    The power of :|
  9. But what if I XD when you :| ?
  10. its nice too see who could be the next green beans on EMC!
  11. :eek: What have I done!!! If I'd had only known before hand. :confused: *I'll be over in the corner crying at the loss of my almost sometimes random onion ring.
  12. Ok but like can we please at least get some sort of hint of when 1.17 is coming?
  13. I unfortunately have no hand in that as of this point. It’s up to the schedule of chickeneer and Aikar. If I hear something, I will pass it along.
  14. The ideal moderator candidate is:

    SELF-AWARE Wait, what was my name again....oh yeah Jester, dam almost mess that....
    TRUSTWORTHY No, no, those diamonds where missing way after, ahem, before I got here!
    ACTIVE zzzzzzzzzzzzz........
    FRIENDLY Hey you BRATS!!! Get off my lawn!!
    FUN This post is proof!!! Sweet I'm a shoe in!!
    DAMJester --REJECTED-- case closed.
  15. Or that spaghetti noodle in your five cheese ziti at Olive Garden XD
  16. I haven't asked her, but why is Waffle not a mod? She has helped me more than any mod?? No offense mods, gotten lots of help from you guys also, but Waffle stands out as a very helpful and engaging player. Very technical and knows her *!@#$%^. I guess she doesn't want to be or I assume she would.
  17. I'm going to assume that either the staff hasn't thought of this, or... there's some criteria that she "doesn't meet"... (Or she just doesn't want to.) Nice question Jester, I was curious of this a bit myself. 🤔