EMC Staff App v.12 and Staff Suggestion Form Updated!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. I can't think of any time it would be appropriate for staff to publicly commentate on why an individual is not part of the staff team. It would seem to me, that that would only deepen whatever issue that may be preventing their promotion. This preventing any sort of opportunity to redeem that issue.

    With that being said. In general (not about waffle or other applicants). I hope everyone is striving to be helpful. My opinion is that EMC is at its best when it is a group of friends playing a game together. Staff, ideally, dealing primarily with new people who are not cooperative to our rules/culture. Staff can push forward the fun, but the community is always what makes EMC great.
    There is a need for more staff, hence this thread and application. I think Krysyy's post contains a good summary of the criteria for determining staff eligibility. If someone is not staff, then in our eyes something was lacking there at the time of evaluating them.

  2. I would apply, but my past actions made it impossible for my application to be not considered a joke

    Good luck to everyone else and may the best green win
    Simple, yet effective to ask than to pass public recommendations on forums. I know the reason, but that's not my information to pass
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  3. Not very active currently (other than the website)... But i plan to be.

    Should i apply?