EMC Show Yourself Thread 2024!

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  1. looks good
  2. Great pictures so far! I hope the year goes on like this. :D

  3. I decided to wield a friendly smile instead of a deadly weapon this year. I'm taking a step back from EMC, Not completely but I won't be on much. I'm currently trying to make a mall on SMP7, which is 3x1 reses. and I want to design it in a very fancy manner. I'm hoping to have most of the items in minecraft that is obtainable. wish me luck I'm going to need it.
  4. Looking at the pictures so far, there are significantly fewer babies playing EMC than there were last year. Are we failing to bring in the 3mo-18mo Minecraft player demographic?
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  5. agree i tink we shut advertise emc to more 3 mond and 18 mond old babies i tink we also shut advertise to chickens
    but all jokes aside
    maybe its me but i tink a older emc comunety is maybe better than all 9 year olds
    of course that shut not mater efry 1 is welcome but for exsample starting big projects or like building a base with some 1 out of my exspiriens will go a litle bit better
    for exsample i came 3 years ago young man xd
    and the only ting i was tinking of was blowing things up and for waht for reason trilling pipel and creating coas but i notis now im older im stil silly but working on bigger projects with for exsample quantum is way easy er easy er to fot exsample discus how we will make somting
    but also better englis even if its not perfect some how emc players understant my englis even if its a mess
    but i feel like its maybe better to target a little older players
    since i feel like emc is the best place for efry 1 but older pipel keep playing maybe that is becouse it takes aittle more paitiens i also have the idea like 9 year olds can enjoi emc but they first need yo understant waht emc is and i tink we kinda have a lack of explaining emc to the younger pipel
    but im not super wise so i probely dont know waht im talking about we are probely stil all stil children inside playing a block game
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  6. I think everyone just stayed and got older :p
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  7. Probably for the best. I've never been a fan of children and teenagers posting in here anyway tbh, online safety issues and all that 💀
  8. Howdy, big time cowboy and welder :aikar:

  9. "Work look" :rofl: :lmao:

    Safety glasses and a hardhat type of hat.
    (it's not an actual hardhat, but it has protective layer in it and it has protected my head...several times :rolleyes:)
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  10. I guess if I'm gonna make fun of the process, I should probably participate. This is me.
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  11. Seltzer + pressurized water bottle = bad idea

    If anyone would like me to send them the full video of this, let me know via Discord DM @triphora.
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