[EMC Profile Status] - What was Your Profiles First Ever Status on EMC

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  1. "Starting to hang around on smp3 again, never gonna visit smp6 again :p" - February 24th, 2012

    I signed up on February 8th and made smp3 my home server. smp6 was launched on February 16th. To my eleven year old self, I assume this seemed like a rather extensive amount of time, because I'm really not sure why I thought this status was worth even thinking of.

    I don't want to end this post on ripping into a literal child, even if that child is me aged down by eight years. I'll just say that, actually, there is a lot of stuff on the first few pages that I remember writing; a lot of stuff that's making me cringe; and a lot of stuff that's bringing back some happy little memories I wish I appreciated more at the time. I hope he'd be proud of me... and if not, well me neither kiddo that's life get used to it
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  2. "Beware, beware of the golden scales, and the coppery eyes, and the teeth like nails. The serpent is watching; you'd better not fail."

    My skin was a snake. Nerd.
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  3. Since my actual first post was deleted (I know of this for sure), here is my currently first post:
    Date: October 3, 2015
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  4. To date I have still not posted a status update... im only getting ready for my second anniversary here, that's normal, right?
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  5. Yup, not really uncommon. My most recent one is from over four years ago.
  6. Yup.
    Now, you might be wondering how I got into that situation.
    Well, I wanted attention, and didn't know how to ask for it (I was 10), so I spammed.
    It was quite common at the time, and it became permanent.
    I'm not proud of it, but it's something that I've done, and I have to live with it.
    Thankfully, being banned helped me to mature.
    To all the mods, minties, and admins that had to deal with the spam, thanks for dealing with me, as you made me a better person in the end. Sorry for the trouble you had to go through, with me being a bit of a brat.

    Hope I don't knock off the mood of the thread with the post I made
    : P
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  7. Woulda been this..

    "Let me take you far away, you'd like a Holiday..." (gone til August,have a great summer)

    ... as we had to evacuate from the fire in ft mcmurray canada about 2 months after i joined emc... fun times.
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  8. The Who - We Won't Get Fooled Again plays in the background
  9. My profile picture = my dog =D

    ...we don't talk about 11-year-old me.
  10. I had some riveting insights

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  11. And what a great store it was πŸ‘
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  12. That's very kind but I think it was actually my very first res, not 4005

    Photo courtesy of Ismooch and the ugly texture pack he used (sry not sry) https://imgur.com/a/N5QNC#0

  13. Was fun to relive some of those memories, thanks.
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  14. "smp1 seems to be acting strange for me…" (May 12, 2012)


    No idea. :p But apparently it was resolved within the day cause my next status was "fixed!" :rolleyes:
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  15. Mine was: New Event come talk to Eviltoade and witness the amazing Ewok Village opening at 5023 on Utopia

    It was advertisement for an event, my first player hosted one actually

    Over a year later my second status was: I'm still alive
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  16. July 27, 2016 -Working on a wither skull farm is about as boring as watching toe nails grow...
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  17. "I am working on a super amazing project :D" -CarFryer 1/10/18

    Almost a year and a half later and I don't even remember what said project was... :confused:
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