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  1. Hello friends!

    So, I had an idea. I was thinking about the current state of the world, and how many events have been cancelled. Specifically, I was thinking about the multitude of pride related festivities. Parades and festivals being cancelled is quite a sad thing for the LGBTQIA+ community. Because of this, I want to do something. Pride month is fast approaching. I'd like to celebrate somehow.

    My idea is quite simple. I want to make custom maps that resemble pride flags! Now, this is no easy task. It requires quite a bit of material, seeing as maps are 128x128 blocks. To pull this off, I would need quite a bit of dirt for platforms, as well as white wool that I could dye to create the various colors I would need. I would like to make many different flags, so this will end up consuming quite a bit of material.

    This is where you all come in. I've set up a chest on my res where people can donate dirt and wool. Anything that can be donated is very highly appreciated! Just swing on over to SMP2 and visit res number 4056.

    Thank you in advance, Empire! Let's make this happen! :D

    UPDATE: Impulsive_Egg and I have now realized that map art does not go across smps. This is a predicament. So, here is our plan. We still very much want to do this! However, it is going to now be an even bigger job. We will have to create each and every design on each and every smp. This is quite a time consuming task. So, we are recruiting people to help us out. We're willing to put out rupees for this of course! This is a large job, but it'' be very worthwhile. :) Please feel free to PM me if you are interested in helping out. :D
  2. Make sure to also check out /v +meg for the transgender pride flag! I think her and Windylava made that one a couple years back exclusive to the SMP2 pride community :D
  3. Not to steal any thunder, but you can purchase an LGBT pride flag in the Empire Flag shop under town spawn on each SMP.

    However, if you want to do your own version still, I’d be happy to contribute anyways :)
  4. For sure! I have that one!

    What I meant with this post is other flag variations, such as bisexual, asexual, non-binary, ect. I'd love for people to have some more specific representation to celebrate with! :D
  5. I built a map making area on Utopia that you can certainly use - I'll show it to you anytime you like :)
    I can also contribute wool and rupees!
  6. I'll pop over there and donate some wool the next time I'm on. Sounds great! :D
  7. That's very kind! Thank you so much! :) I'd love to check it out!

    Thanks a bunch! It's very appreciated!
  8. I will be helping build these flags as well!
    I've been thinking about this project for a while too so I'm excited that we're finally going to get the ball rolling
  9. I've actually got a small-scale version of this going on at 4966 and 4792 on smp2, with plans to add more! I also made a non-binary map art on smp8 :)
    I've got a ton of wool, just lmk what colours you need and I'd be happy to supply them ;)
  10. Heck yeah! :D
    It's a big project, but it's certainly worthwhile!
  11. Awesome! I'll have to check that out sometime! :)
    The current plan is just white wool, seeing as that can be dyed into any color. Though, I'll make a list soon of flags that I'd like to make, so I'll for sure let you know what colors would help!
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  12. Bea I have a wool farm with all 16 colors we just need to grind
  13. For map art hint hint. Use carpet so you can save wool :D
  14. Oh wow! I didn't even realize that could be done! Good to know! :D
  15. shoot i forgot pride month was next month, i don't know what to do for it...

    i think i have a few stacks of white wool, unfortunately much less than a DC, but i'll give what i can!

    if you need volunteers at any point hmu
  16. 1: PRIDE :D

    2: I have a really good (400 sheep semi-afk) wool farm. I don't have any wool anymore, and I am working on a new farm design, so it will take a while to get the stuff again, but I would be happy to donate wool in the future :)
  17. Lets pride this up.. Gonna have a res full of Jeb_ sheep
  18. Amazing
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  20. we should build a rainbow mansion i have a utopia res you guys can build on it :D