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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    We've been way to nice, and we're sorry for that. I know that sounds odd, but you'll get it in a second. We've always had the stance as EMC staff that people can change and deserve second chances. It works sometimes and other times it doesn't. It was brought to our attention on why it's possible that it DOESN'T work on some people.

    This morning we jumped into discussion as staff regarding permanent bans of players. Nearly 5 hours later, we have decided to take a more firm stance on them. We’ve found that our system (thanks to the many concerned messages from you, the players) gives too much of a loophole. Our staff members are too nice (go figure). It’s become a common scenario to permanent ban a player only to have them appeal and receive no real punishment. We’re changing that.

    Starting retroactively 5 days ago, and taking effect immediately going forward, a permanent ban will be met with tangible consequences:

    Players who get an appeal from a permanent ban will result them in going back to the original state when they joined the empire. The player will be given a second chance to start fresh. This is clearly more of a TRUE second CHANCE than a slap on the wrist and continue on, as we have done in the past.

    This includes:
    • All lots owned by the player will be unclaimed.
    • The player’s inventory and chests will be wiped completely.
    • The player’s rupee balance will be set to 1500r.
    • Supporter status will not be affected.
    All of us believe in second chances, and we want to offer that to everyone more generally. The consensus is that second chances will be available, but with the knowledge it will be a fresh start.

    We are sorry for those who feel rightfully cheated by always following the rules and seeing not much of a backlash to the players who don't follow them. We hope to do you right from now on in this respect.
  2. Thanks IcC -

    Now that I have actually read it :p

    I think this is more than fair. In truth, the way the perma-ban system used to run; if they got an appeal. It changes into more of just a temp. ban. Even though the original offense was on a higher level. I hope to see much more, and longer temporary bans in the future - more minor ones for the lesser offenses. and much longer Temp bans that are just short of that - opportunity to start over.

    I can't imagine how difficult it was for the staff to come to a decision on this issue - but I think it has been handled well. No one can complain about it - because the offenders are lucky to get any second chance. And us members of the community can be glad to know that they did not just get off the hook.

    Thanks again to the staff for this. I assume that it will work like this - nothing happens (in regards to residences, rupees, etc.) until after the appeal in case it was a misunderstanding.
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  5. I love the image. Thank you.
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    I tried he new way to get whipped on the back - by a cow.
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  7. Congrats to the staff team for a well developed decision. Listening to the community's response and taking measures necessary to see that the community's opinion is heard is why EMC is so great =D
  8. Nice post ICC.
  9. Question, what if the perm ban was actually not meant for the right player? I'm not saying staff makes mistakes, but it would be possible. What would be done in such a situation or when will those measures be taken? Immediatly after a permanent ban?

    In general I think this is really good, as long as you don't get yourself in trouble ^^
  10. Market Economist (self-proclaimed) here, I'm seeing a slight boost to the self storage industry.
  11. This isn't an automated process. It will be after ensuring the right decisions have been made.
  12. .... I'm scared, but its good for the community. Looks like im going to need to be nice...
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  13. umm, uhh, I plead the 5th
  14. This I have to (controversially as lots of people will see it) love. I've seen far to many people for the last few months appealing publicly on the forums (along with the correct PM appeal) apologising for their misconducts and begging for a second chance at the game, only to be right back where they were a few days before with nothing but a sentence to use their alternative accounts.
  15. to expand on this question, what if a player was banned but was proven innocent? couldnt there be like a 24 hour period where the player is still banned but their lots are still there but just restricted to mods only? or something like that?
    in short misunderstandings. that's what i mean.
    Great improvement though, +1 rep.
  16. -_- Really? If you are scared (which implies you are scared you will get banned for something you are doing) you should rethink whatever it is you are doing.
  17. oh and why on the picture does the nun have a cheerio with a string attached to it on her shoulder?
  18. seems like a good idea
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