EMC Hits 500k Members!

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  1. Mines faster but has FAR less durability. And at 50k per (for this gold one) you'd be better off with a normal UNB3 diamond pick.
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  2. I'm not really interested in trying to obtain a full set of promos and simply settled for 1 piece. Thing is: I still got a 100k set which I bought together with someone else as an investment, and so far we have yet to sell that for a nice price :)

    But you got to give props to the staff team for some of those bizarre and silly names they came up with. Some honestly crank me up, it's plain out funny! :) And smart!

    Indy 500(k) hot rod? I see what you did there! :D

    Pizza hut special pick? lol! :)

    I grabbed the pickaxe myself, and now I'm thinking to get pizza irl too later today (its 16:00 at the time of writing, so about time to ponder what I should get for dinner) :)
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  3. Ah, cool!
    50k per piece, wow! It makes sense, though. Of course, this is about game registrations rather than forum registrations... but still. 6k for 60k, 10k for 100k, 50k for 500k. :) I'm looking forward to buying them!
    I don't think I'll end up with 5+ full sets, this time around. :p I am hoping I've got enough money for more than a single full set, though, as I'd like to keep a set, and it would also be cool to be able to have some extra for donations or giveaways! :)
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  4. 1 million members price is gonna suck! :D
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  5. Actually there's a tad more that goes into it. The true value that it would have been set at would have equaled about 45k (working backwards from what we intend the starting true economic value to be, considering you get one free). I bumped it to 50k because when you are that close, you just gotta =P
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  6. but doesn't the pick have like, in breaking 10
  7. It does but it's base is still much lower just has more chances to not lose durability over a diamond UNB 3.
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  8. I enjoyed buying the promos, but I feel like having to click 3 times per item is a bit much. 2 times was understandable, but why 3?
  9. Choose signs. It's been a while since I messed with this but I do think you're right that a regular shop sign would have worked as well here. Choose signs are normally only used when there's a slight change in stats between items (think about horse eggs), and that doesn't seem to apply here.

    That's where your extra click comes from. The other is logical: when you buy an enchanted item you always get a confirmation so that you'll know exactly what kind of item you get. This also applies when you use a normal shop sign which uses a renamed item description.

    But yeah... choose sign issue.


    You also need to look at this from the staffs perspective. The shop signs I mentioned above would require manual editing each and every time they setup shop. Which would mean that they would have to sort that out for every server. A choose sign means that they can dump an item into the chest(s) and its ready to use.

    I agree with you that a normal sign would probably have been easier on us, but considering the time of year (I can't help be convinced that staff is busy with setting up the Holiday season) I also think it's not unreasonable of staff to resort to Choose signs in order to save a bit of time.
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  10. I hope EMC gets commission for referrals...
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  11. Cause it's the season of giving? More is better? Third time's the charm?

    In all seriousness, because the Choose sign system that is used for Shopworld promos was setup that way. Once to initiate the purchase, once to choose the item (since the sign allows you to put multiple items for sale at the same price inside the chest), and then once to confirm the purchase. I don't believe Aikar set it up with bulk buying in mind, but rather one time purchase items of a large cost, like promos.
  12. I don't think the issue was time as much as it was security of players rupees :p I can't tell you how many times I have walked through a player shop and accidentally bought something while looking at a sign because I accidentally clicked on it (trackpads are so sensitve :oops:). Using Choose signs forces players to acknowledge they want the promo (especially at 50k rupees each!). That way, players don't have a reason to contact Krysyy and ask for a refund because they might have accidentally bought a promo.

    Edit: sorry for the double post btw, I saw shel's post after I posted my response to 607 :p
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  13. You really missed an opportunity with the boots lore:

    I would walk 500k miles and I would walk 500k more just to be the man that walked 1000k miles
  14. Too long =P
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  15. Ha....and I was thinking could been left at 500 k (kilometre) boots... And not so far to go...
  16. How long will these be available for?