EMC Hits 500k Members!

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  1. Our 500,000th player is FrozenBricks!

    This momentus occasion in EMC's history is over 6 years in the making. We couldn't be the amazing community we are today without you all, so to celebrate we'll be releasing a special set of gear later today/tomorrow, depending on certain things ;). You'll each receive one piece free (via the /promo command) and have the option to expand your collection via chests set up in the shop world!

    From the entire staff team here are Empire Minecraft, thank you to everyone in the community for being a part of this amazing achievement in our server's history!

    You ROCK!
  2. The 500,000 Member Set is here!
    Type /promo 500K to receive ONE of the following.
    Extras may be obtained at /shopworld for 50,000r each.

    Note: These are INTENDED to be collector showcase items and not avid player-used items, hence the non-soulbound and high cost in shopworld. They are also gold armor and tools that have been individually modified to match the base stats of diamond (with magics).
    Also note: We're not actually sponsored by Pizza Hut. It's a joke that anyone who has seen our streams should know.

  3. Awesome 500k members !!!
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  4. Whoop Whoop
  5. Wow. Aweosme!
  6. Highlight was definitely Elfin's demotion
  7. milestones! woo!!!!
  8. It's moments like those that make the Empire great =P
  9. FrozenBricks is instantly going to become a celebrity and have no idea why :p
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  10. Eiyy! We made it!
  11. Woot Woot Congratz everyone!
  12. All the players >:D Ya'll are fab :3
  13. Congrats to EMC on reaching this, and congrats to FrozenBricks on being our 500,000th member! Woohoo! :D
  14. Awesome!!
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