EMC Hits 500k Members!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. 500K members - WOW! :)
  2. I think it's total members who have joined in-game.

    Also, we have had the 100k forum member promos, such as Mineral Mincer.
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  3. 60k, too. That was a while ago... :confused:
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  4. Oh, yes, that too. I wasn't around for that but I was for 100k.
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  5. Omg EMC. Yay your all grown up now! Thanks for all of the great memories! You have a special place in my heart!❤
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  6. Someone give this person a medal (of appreciation) :)
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  7. We have about 7,000 active members. That means that only 1.4% of the people who have signed up here are active, and many of these are also alts so the number is also even less.
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  8. I figured it was in the 1,000-9,999 range.
  9. Sound amazing!
  10. GG EMC :)
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  11. this is amazing!!

    as the previous 300k player im really happy 4 frozenbricks, the 500k player!! hope i get 2 meet him in the game sometimes, could be cool like a generation of players meet.

    does some1 remember the 400k player?

    i started playing 2,5 years ago, so that means EMC got around 200k / 2,5 = 80k new ppl per year! thats amazing!

    500k ppl done, onto 1 million! :eek:
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  12. Woots :p

    500K mambers are here :)
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  14. Aargh, that's a simple mistake. >.<
    I know, obviously, I did get the 60k and 100k promos when they were released... but those were for total amount of forum members. That's why I made the remark, but I obviously messed it up. :rolleyes: (and yet two people liked it... I hope they did realise I made a mistake. :p)
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  15. yay congrats!!! <3
  16. Best Minecraft server ever.
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  17. Awesome accomplishment! Can't wait for 1,ooo,ooo!
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  18. Alright enough celebrating. That's right take down all the balloons and decorations. JohnKid!, GET THAT CAKE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! Cmon' people start prepping for 1 million! Jkjk Congrats EMC! At this rate... We will have hit 1 million players in 2023! I will have a job by then! (hopefully)
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  19. WOW! Congrats! Great way to finish off the year! Here's to many more members!