EMC Hits 500k Members!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. did the promo come out yet?
  2. no
  3. The 500,000 Member Set is here!
    Type /promo 500K to receive ONE of the following.
    Extras may be obtained at /shopworld for 50,000r each.

    Note: These are INTENDED to be collector showcase items and not avid player-used items, hence the non-soulbound and high cost in shopworld. They are also gold armor and tools that have been individually modified to match the base stats of diamond (with magics).
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  4. Congratz EMC on hitting 500k members. Its been a pleasure being a part of this community.

    The promos look cool, but damn, 50k per piece.
  5. Woot woot, got a full set! They look purdy, and I'll certainly enjoy seeing them in my collection :)
  6. Had a question about the new pick. It has Unbreaking 10 and made of gold. A normal gold pick has a durability of 251 and a diamond pick is 1,562. I'm curious how they compare when you put this new pick next to a diamond pick with Unbreaking 3 on it. Would the gold one last longer with unbreaking 10, even though the gold has a significantly lower base durability then the diamond or would they be about even?

    Love the new set though. Thanks so much for this!
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  7. My answer:
    As they were designed to be pretty and possibly be PvP goofing off items, the durability was not a focus so....Math?

    From wiki about the Unbreaking Enchantment:
    For most items, (100/(Level+1))% chance a use reduces durability. On average, lifetime is (Level+1) times as long.

    For armor, (60 + (40/(Level+1)))% chance a use reduces durability (each durability hit against "unbreaking" armor has a 20%/27%/30% chance of being ignored). On average, armor lasts 25%/36%/43% longer.
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  8. Thanks for that lol I figured they were more for decoration, was just curious if the much higher Unbreaking would make it on par with diamond. Price wise not at all since you can get a diamond pick for under 3k.
  9. Why is there no chest or legs? I think this would mess many people up in the future. And sadly you can't have a stand of full suit.
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  10. Focused on tools/weapons instead. We've had plenty of full suits over the years.
  11. Nice. I like the use of Gold armor & tools for something different. Merry Christmas all!
  12. this set looks really cool!

    i think its kinda shame that its suddenly so expensive b/c that makes it harder 2 get a complete set. first 10k for a promo, then 30k now 50k. but i can always try 2 see if some ppl want to sell pieces for 20k ^.^
  13. I mean I was joking about the Pizza Hut pickaxe but I'm not exactly going to complain...
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  14. These were designed to be showpieces and definitely not cheap. It's been a while since we released a showpiece collection. The holiday items will be more about use rather than looks, so have no worries there.

    Never joke about Pizza Hut =P
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  15. thx Krysyy!
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  16. No chest plate or pants? :eek:
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  17. Just cover yourself in the gear and it will keep you warm. Gold is a good conductor =P
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  18. Amazing, i've been waiting a while for both a higher end collectors set and GOLD PROMOS, then they both come at once.

    Also loving the half armour addition, such a long due change as the "full armour" sets have been a little overused over the years as far as item sets go.
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  19. i guess were gonna hear this a lot more ^.^

    i was also hoping 4 a full set of armor but I found a solution!

    wearing both 500k gold promos + Minecon t-shirt and a chainmail skirt ^.^

    i think it looks quite good.
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  20. That gold pick axe is going to beat up the mincer - for those of you who don't know, gold mines faster than diamond (however I'm pretty sure they both instabreak with haste)
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