[EMC Discussion] Fill In The Blank (Diamond Supporter)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. As a continual gold supporter, I would like to see free eggification/vault and a free vault page added as a diamond supporter perk to encourage me to upgrade to diamond.
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  2. As a continual diamond supporter, I would like to see free locking of chests and flight on all Smp Servers added as a diamond supporter perk.
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  3. As a continual diamond supporter, I would like to see flight on all Smp servers and free locking of chests added as a diamond supporter perk.

    I second Replete_Spectrum. :)
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  4. Someone suggested that, but that is not a good idea because what if someone made that around wild spawn. That would be bad because the troll could just leave it there and make it under and over so everyone would be trapped. It would kind of go bad
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    • As a free member, I would like to see Warp Points added as a diamond/gold/iron supporter perk to encourage me to upgrade to diamond/gold/iron.
  5. Here's another one. I would like to be able to set personal tp spots within Town but not necessarily on my residence. For example, I might be working on a friend's building and need to go get a tool or more materials from my or another residence. If I could set a temporary tp spot where I left off that would be cool.

    Maybe something short like, "/vtp set 3" to set my third tp spot, then "/vset 3" would return.

    I agree somewhat with Kaphras' and Cddm's comments about perks, but I also see this as an opportunity to present some ideas that might be used for everybody as well as Diamonds as well as adding incentive for Supporting. You never know, they might be considering adding something anyway that might negate a Diamond perk and are looking for a substitute.
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  6. This could have its draw backs - but could be tweaked a bit... if you straight up are allowed to set tps within town... imagine you are participating in a maze or parkour and then set points higher up... so you can more-easily reach an objective ...it would cause a lot of uproar... but over-all a good idea.
  7. You posted this while I was posting something that might be similar. If it is different, could you describe your idea in more detail?
  8. Ruin what system?
  9. Another permission flag could cover that. Also, I would have to have been in the maze at some point in order to set one.
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  10. wither farm added
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  11. lol... I didn't put 'as a continual diamond supporter' here so.. uh.
    I'm going to re-explain what this is.
    Pretty much additions, such as pets, more residences, more rupees, more really anything.
    oh and as a continual diamond supporter I would like to see tags for names. Not more than 10 characters but enough to say [ Awesome ] or [ Aka Brick ]
    And be able to have colors ;)
  12. As a free member I would like The ability to be able to test and play maybe updates for EMC and/or Updates for Minecraft i.e. A special world or something diamond can go to wen they are testing things (like a week before dragon tombs released diamond donors are able to test it for bugs and stuff) this would DEFINATELY encourage me to donate diamond
  13. That's been mentioned already, it's planned.
  14. Well then I think that adding a small title in front of ur name like brick said or something like that
  15. Read on like page 2 or 3 ICC mentions it
  16. You should use the reply button in future, it's hard to know who you're replying to sometimes.
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  17. Ummm this mad libs is WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too hard.
  18. I had posted this in the suggestion box, but it also fits here. (original post). I basically said that I would like free diamond supporter wild stabling.