[EMC Discussion] Fill In The Blank (Diamond Supporter)

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  1. Maybe a limit of 1 per week/day to prevent abuse. Or a quota of a max. of 10 or so free locked chests then just a reduced rate or full rate.
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  2. As a continual diamond supporter, I would like to see the ability to fly on any server exclusively in town (and in the shop :p) added as a diamond supporter perk.

    (This is because I feel being able to fly on just one server which many of the supporters don't even login to very often may make the perk more worth it. This perk alone is something I would upgrade to diamond for if I wasn't diamond already)
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  3. As a free member, I would like to see non-breaking invfinite villagers, and an option that you pay x amount of rupees and you can egg a villager and keep the trades
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  4. I would like this but i don't think it would be implemented. People wanted this and then we got utopia and then it will probably just be a utopia thing forever.
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  5. I like these two ideas a lot. Discounts for Senior Staff services would be quite easy to implement as well. I wouldn't mind a diamond supporter receiving 1 small area for wild claiming - keyword small.

    So silly, brick, so silly. You have that ability. It's right here.
  6. Maybe they could claim an area in place of one of their four Town residences?
  7. More like.... 3 town residences for a tiny area:p
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  8. I imagine the effects of these could correlate to server growth, so I am going to put in my two cents or so.

    I feel like if we added a bunch of cool stuff for free members, which in turn somehow got better with upgrades, that could help EMC grow, and be good for everyone. Not every new player will instantly join and buy diamond supportershup, no matter how good that would be. Really I see a few thing like this already, the eesidences, rupees, vault and stable. While these are nice, I feel maybe another feature or so that is unique and game changing could be nice, and with the different supporter levels, it could increase in usefulness, but it shouldn't be something that feels like you need to buy it for that, such as the four residences with diamond. For most people upgrading to diamond for the first time, it is probably for the residences, and after that first month, either renew, go down a level or two, or stop supporting. While whatever feature we add needs to be useable by everyone, it should also have enough of an affect so that people who have used it won't want all their privileges with it to go away.

    Tbh I don't know If what I'm trying o say is clear, but oh well
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  9. This may not follow the original template, but as a free member I would like to see the ability to permanantly buy an extra res, with the max number to be 2 for free players, 3 for iron supporters, 4 for gold supporters, and 5 for diamond supporters.
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    • As a free member, I would like to see flying in all servers added as a diamond supporter perk to encourage me to upgrade to diamond.
  10. You misunderstand my post, I think. I'm not saying there's anything degrading about being a free member.
    My point is, whenever there's a discussion or update that clearly benefits supporters (either exclusively or significantly more than free players), there's grumbling in the ranks. I'm saying that for updates/features expressly for Diamond, for the purpose of coercing new supporters or a higher tier for existing ones... it rubs me the wrong way, and I don't think I'm alone in that regard.

    Having said that, I freely acknowledge that supporters are the reason I can play on this server without needing to contribute a portion of my paycheck, and I bear no personal resentment over that fact - or the perks that come with. I'm just advocating that perks should not be introduced as a "sales gimmick."
  11. At it's heart, EMC is a business. Supporters are it's primary customers that keep the business running. I don't think we're trying to do a "gimmick" as you say, but trying to be open and communicating with our customers. Of course we could go ahead and add perks that WE think would be cool, but I thought it'd be a better idea to get feedback from those that use it first.
  12. I think you might misunderstand this thread. You are viewing this is a sales thing. Sure. It is, we want to know what would make people want to move up. Because we would like to encourage more people to pay, simply so we can introduce more things server wide for Everyone. That being said, I would not call this a gimmick, more... targeted marketing.

    EMC does Supporter/Donations much differently than most other Minecraft servers. We try to keep it limited to a point so that way overall, the game experience is not completely rattled by the introduction of new ranks. Most of the time when this kind of discussion comes up, people bring up flying on Utopia, or the Rupee bonus, or even res's. Aside from flying, most of those do not over all effect how you play you in the wild, in the actual survival part. Rupees are easily enough obtained by many players who are not supporters. Residences, well its a complete addition just simply to give a nice place to build something, so since we are smp, the fact you get 1 as a free member is a perk in itself. Even flying, it is only to the highest tier on a gift server, that already breaks about every survival rule.

    Other servers... the higher ranks (considering most will have 10 or so Supporter options) will reach into the touches of admin power. Some even have 'Never be Banned' or 'Ban other Players' or even 'God Mode'. Instead of just throwing those crazy game breaking additions in as perks, and throwing a price tag ( which would sell... because people love an advantage), we try to pick and choose perks that are fair but still appeal. The only thing different here, we are asking the community what they would want. It is no different than 'PoP-Tarts' taking a vote on what its next flavor should be, or Mountain Dew holding a 'Make Your Own Dew' contest. We want to see what interest you, not because we are out of ideas, but because maybe there is a simple thing we overlooked.

    Honestly, reading this thread is a happy reminder that our server community is quite different form others as well. We have yet to see a 'God Mode' request or any other craziness along those lines.

    Summarized I guess, yes. This is a Sales Pitch. We want people to be happy enough with a product, they buy it, and continue to buy it. So we can then turn around, make the whole experience, for everyone, more enjoyable.
  13. OMG u cudz put in a god moDe that wud b Cool!!!!1!!!!1!
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  14. I have seen servers that add" x-ray and flight server wide" as a perk so, all i have to say is. Be happy
  15. As a continual iron or gold supporter, I would like to see Free Vault added as a diamond supporter perk to encourage me to upgrade to diamond.

    I really wish Iron supporters got more perks too, like at least endertopia
  16. In my mind I was thinking more along the line of having warp points that you can set in town or in the frontier or wasteland so you can warp to your wild or wasteland base so you don't have to walk thousands of blocks just to reach there to get an item or just fix some tools. As most of the spawners/ mining tunnels that are closer to the spawn points are already found and explored, I find sometimes I need to boat/ walk thousands of blocks just to reach a new untouched area so I can mine without worrying that I might dig into an cave or already existing tunnel. I feel if people can get warp points it would encourage more people to venture deeper into the wild/ wastelands to build/ explore places never touched before. Just my thoughts tho :)
  17. i like the idea of warp point in town be able to set up let say 3-4 "/wp set1-4" to set "/wp 1-4" to use it. I think this would be awesome. As for using it outside of town i think that is a big no-no.

    i think this to supporter ships to all teirs would be nice lets say 1 to iron 2 to gold 4 to diamond

    As suggest by bigdavie: having a flag to enable/disable this on a res to prevent cheating at mazes and or parkour

    so that being said have the default flag set to false so the res owner would Have to enable to for a player
  18. I would just like to see the tnt perk for at least all types of supporters but just to add no tnt blast damage to diamond and gold or let the diamond supporters access a world of enraged enemies with mini bosses a bit more common but not too common pretty much like a land of chaos but just for lag to not be as common in that chaos land is to not make the enemys spawn in too much
  19. Sorry, but I'm unaware of what 72Volt's Lava Walls were. Do you think you could enlighten me?