[EMC Discussion] Fill In The Blank (Diamond Supporter)

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  1. i would get supporter but my dad wont let me, maybe when i get my own debit card....
  2. As a free member, I would like to see Diamond supporters able to
    • Edit shop signs or Locked signs that they own without replacing them.
    • The ability to attend Staff hosted events on the Stage server like arenas, drop parties, "Let's Play" testing of MC snapshots, or new feature previews or testing.
    • Rather than increasing the amount of Rupees they get, I'd prefer Discounts for Senior Staff services, items purchased from /Shop, or other future sinks such as Wild Claiming.
  3. As a free member... the premise of this thread really strikes me the wrong way.
    On the whole, I think the list of features and their supporter levels is fine as is, but the notion of adding Diamond-level features specifically to sell people on Diamond supportership is a bit grating. The perks for various supporter levels are nice, but not essential, so when I see updates or perks that affect supporters only I tend to shrug and move on. It seems like this is something that is more likely to breed resentment, particularly among those who want supportership but can't afford it for one reason or another.

    That being said, consider some kind of XP bonus - much like a "rested" bonus that some MMO's do, where if you log out in town, you gain 1.5x or 2x experience for a while.
  4. If this happens I will honestly consider quitting.
  5. Above would be nice. In addition tot he second bullet point, discounts based on membership level could work.
  6. They will never be able to please 100% of the people. There is nothing degrading about not being able to pay to play a game. EMC is awesome because they offer a FREE environment for all to enjoy. It is nice to get a perk or two for supporting the servers and the cost associated to the Admins to keep the servers running/hosted.

    I would like to see Supporter Vouchers made that can be given out as rewards for loyalty for FREE members that support EMC. You can support EMC with means other than money. Voting is huge. Perhaps a good bump from FREE to Iron for those who hit large voting streaks? Or anything else that you can do to support EMC without spending money.
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    • As a free member, I would like to see the ability to use TPs IN TOWN added as a diamond supporter perk to encourage me to upgrade to diamond.
  7. I feel like I should explain on this a little better.
    Free Members: 100 rupees
    Iron Members: 400 rupees (300 extra)
    Gold Members: 700 rupees (600 extra)
    Diamond Members: 1300 rupees (1200 extra)
    The rupees are perfectly in line with what you pay.
  8. The equation for rupees gained per day is 100+300($5 increment). It is like it should be, since we consider free members in the equation too. :).

    You ninja. >_> :p
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  9. Everyone gets 100r per day
    Iron gives you +300r per day
    Gold gives you +600r per day
    Diamond gives you +1200r per day

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  10. Well that is very OP. Don't you think that would ruin our system...
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  11. As a diamond supporter, I would like the ability to delete my own threads.
    • As a past diamond supper, to help convince me to re-get it I would want to see the ability to participate in beta-testing of certain updates and things. For example, when Dragon Tombs is initially being tested, I think it would be cool to beta test it on a world only staff and diamond can access, to help work out some of the bugs before releasing it to everyone.

    That said, I kinda agree that diamond and all the supporter ranks are fine as they are. I've been both diamond and gold in the past, and I don't have any problem with giving supporters perks, they pay for them so that everyone else can play on this awesome server for free. But, I think that instead of trying to bribe more people to get supporter with even more perks, an act that upsets a lot of free members, we should instead work to increase the active population. That way, there would be more players here that might consider buying supporter, instead of just trying to add enough perks that all of our current player base upgrades.
  12. i was a diamond supporter since the time i started playing almost 2 years ago up until the last 3 or 4 months i just haven't been able to afford it.
    i don't know when i'll be able to again.

    diamond is the only thing i'll ever upgrade to because its worth it. i actually think all the perks are perfect as they are, i don't like asking for more than i already have, so i'm good with what they have. i have read a few things that i do agree with though.
    i really need the flying to build my battcave on Utopia, and i enjoyed just being blue as now no one notices me as much anymore that i blend in.

    i'm pretty sure my favorite part was that my name was blue in chat... lololol
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    Yummy. :p
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  13. Very true. Maybe add more ranks or 'addons' if you will. Such as "Titan upgrade for your upgrade" Costs $5. Makes your rupee balance 2x the amount you would normally get. Stuff like THAT, would make me consider getting iron on my other accounts and stay diamond... forever ;3 :p
  14. Actually, this is already a perk. We haven't had anything major to test this with for a while though...but we plan on doing something like this with Dragon Tombs and future updates we will bring.

    I agree with this. We're working on this on the side as well...kinda trying to spearhead our growth from every direction. :)
  15. Alright all you ninjas, I guess I over looked that part. Thank you for pointing that out. I still think that it would be a good idea to change up the pricing for diamond supporter, if you have it for a while, it should be appropriate to lower the costs over a certain time period. Also vault man, I love me some free vault/expensive vault in the wild/nether. Maybe like 1k everytime you open it? Idk
  16. I know, That's why I suggested it be available for all the other servers.
  17. as a continual diamond supporter, i would like to see wild vault as a diamond perk.