[Supporter Perk] Free Supporter Stabling

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  1. I have been using stables a lot now, they are great! But, every time you want to get your horse in the wild, you have to pay 100r. Maybe we could add as a perk for supporter (possibly diamond and gold). This would be a great perk for me, and probably a lot of wilderness explorers especially on Utopia. What do you think?
  2. I think if you have lots of stables it is free. Correct me if i am wrong.
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  3. I think it should work kinda the same as with vault. When you get a certain amount of stables, an amount that you can only get when you are gold or diamond, it gets free. Don't know for sure if it's already implemented.
  4. I think it is. I have 7 stables and I have no fee to pay. I wish it was the same with vault. Open in wild for a huge fee.
  5. There is still a fee in in the wild no matter what count you have, but a Diamond perk for free wild stables sounds reasonable.
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  6. When will/if this be implemented?