EMC Discord Community Meeting 6/30/20: Promotional Item for July 4th

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Krysyy, Jun 29, 2020.

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  1. EMC Discord Community Meeting Scheduled for June 30th, 2020

    Something that Mojang has recently started doing are discord meetings with the server admins and developer teams to discuss crucial issues that arise. Naturally, after attending these meetings, the benefits are something that we'd like to experiment with on EMC.

    Meeting Topic: Promotional Item for July 4th, 2020 Release
    Time: 5:00 pm EMC time on June 30, 2020
    Dress code: Casual/Business Casual

    How will it work?
    1. Krysyy will lead a discussion on the creation of a promotional item for July 4th celebration
    2. Community members will be asked for input, specific and generic, in a discussion-type environment on discord via voice and chat.
    3. The discussion notes will then be posted to the community for additional comments for 24 hours, encouraging other time zones' participation.
    4. Staff will review the notes and decide/design a promotional item for release.
      • Consider it an active suggestion box with immediate feedback and interaction from Staff, so it's best to brainstorm some ideas ahead of time
    Are there rules?

    In order to facilitate a productive meeting environment, the following rules must be followed. Breaking the rules will result in removal from the meeting to benefit the discussion:
    • STAY ON TOPIC. Keep the discussion going in the correct direction for the most benefit.
    • No talking over each other. Be courteous when other people are trying to talk and do your best not to interrupt.
    • If you are asked to be quiet at any time, you are expected to comply or be removed from the meeting. We want to give all attendees a chance to be heard, if they want to be. Therefore, if you've 'had the floor' for too long, we may ask that you take a break and let someone else speak.
    • ALL other EMC rules apply: rudeness, appropriateness, etc.
    Keep in mind this is a trial experiment. We could be looking at a new great way for community-staff interaction, but we won't know until we try it. See you all at the meeting!
  2. Oooh this is really interesting, depending on how many people show up i could see this being very beneficial orrrr total chaos :)
  3. Casual/Business casual? I'll make sure to wear my best quarantine pajamas. ;)
  4. My casual is what I usually am in :p
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  5. Oh my gosh, everyone's going to be fighting for a chance to talk

    Other than that, sounds interesting :)
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  6. wouldbutbannedlol
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  7. You had me confused there for a bit. :p At first I thought "huh, it surely isn't already July 4th, is it?", until my brain started to actually function and I realised that this is an event that is supposed to be earlier... Fortunately, immediately after that my brain went back into hibernation, as I pondered for a while how it could be June 30th, while this event was at 5 PM (11 PM my time) on June 30th... it took way too long until I realised that it was a bit past midnight, meaning that I'm already on June 30th, while EMC time was still on June 29th. :p Oh well. :p

    A lesson: signs like these show that you need to sleep. Be better than me, and don't continue to stay up for another hour if you do things like this. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, that anekdote aside, I think that this is a very cool idea! I hope that it will work out well, and lead to some great results! :) Have fun, everyone who will participate!

    EDIT: wow I made a lot of typos... :rolleyes:
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  8. do we have to talk, can i just listen :D
  9. You have the option to just listen if you'd like.
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  10. I suggest Mumble is used for “old times’ sake”
  11. I may attend, depending on how things work out on my end. :)
  12. I have an idea >:)
  13. Let there be chaos
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  14. If you come in anything less than full formal wear, I admit there will be some loss of respect. Don't think I can't hear what a bow-tie sounds like, people. Those tuxes better shine.
  15. Gotta be rocking those formal PJs...
  16. Guess that doesn't apply to this thread

    Here's a serious question though :p
    What about those of us who don't have mics and/or are unable to speak for some other reason? I know you've said that we'd still be able to listen in, but if I've got an opinion, is it possible to have some sort of "silents" text channel? This could also potentially reduce clutter for those who want to say something so they don't forget, but are unable to say it in voice for a multitude of reasons (e.g., someone else is speaking, slightly off-topic, etc)

    I know this seems like a lot for just a simple promo discussion buuut if staff *were* to decide to use this approach again at a later date, this could be used for something much more 'impactful' than promos (e.g., discussing the rules).

    Just my two cents. :)
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  17. I wondered that as well, so I reread the post and found that I'd missed a word. :)

  18. Would love to hear the community!!
  19. Could a discord link be added to the OP?
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