EMC Discord Community Meeting 6/30/20: Promotional Item for July 4th

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  1. *facepalm*
    I feel like an idiot now lol, thank you :)
    https://discord.emc.gs, but yes I do agree that it should be added
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  2. 6/30/20 EMC Community Meeting Notes
    Topic:July 4th Promotional Item

    1. Meeting Rules

    2. Review background of item market balance and July 4th item releases

      1. Balance of OP/Keeping things REASONABLE

      2. Method of release

    3. What about the past items is good?

      1. Date

        1. One time release

      2. Something new/inventive

        1. not just your normal tool you’d expect, using unexpected items

      3. Puns

      4. Keeping the theme, continued series

      5. Useful items, like labor bench (<3)

      6. Directed purpose, niche use/tradeoff value

    4. What about the past items is bad?

      1. Cupids Bow Code annoys certain players

      2. Use losing value (sitting around in chests)

      3. Freedom Blade &c vs &4 mistakes leading to artificial value

      4. Equivalent to a survival alternative/no reason to use

    5. What focus would the community want to see

      1. Decorative

        1. Torch that acts like sparkler when right click

          1. Torch emits light,, something with particle effects?

          2. Also can give 2 min night vision

        2. Liberty Bell

          1. Speed effect to player

          2. Weakness applied to mobs around?

          3. Slowness?

          4. Resistance to player

          5. Luck to player

          6. Labor Bench Style (no need to place)

        3. Campfire promo

          1. Effect for being close to it?

          2. Issues with code: Denied for now

        4. Tames fox named Rocky for Rocky Mountains: Reaching.

        5. Bees with fire effects called Fireflies

          1. Bees are difficult in code right now, would need to look at

        6. Red/White/Blue Fish

          1. Needs more work tech side to verify ability

        7. Grey Parrot / Bald Eagle

      1. Tools

        1. Freedom Punch from a witch (special event)

          1. Strength and fire resistance (Up to 30 min?)

          2. Saturation

          3. Issues with one-time use

      2. Weapons

        1. Crossbow with same effect as meteor bow (multiple fireworks?)

          1. Balance of multishot

      3. Armor

        1. Hat with Night Vision

        2. Water Breathing

        3. Chest piece: Firework Launching Vest/Safety Vest

          1. Blast resistance/Fire resistance

      4. Coded Effects

        1. Firecharge that acts like firework to launch from player hands

        2. Torch/stick when placed shoots firework upwards, but not high. Think like a roman candle?

          1. Could also use bamboo item (add unplaceable so no one accidentally plants)

        3. Wearable beacon heads

          1. lighting/lag issues

        4. Turning reg steak to freedom steak

          1. Denied: effect to market

        5. Maxarian Head v.2

          1. Head with blast resistance
  3. See above for notes. It's a little paraphrased and the format is wonky, but you get the idea. Please make additional comments/suggestions to this thread within 24 hours.
  4. The hat with night vision should be less protection than a maxed-out diamond helmet, so the player sacrifices protection for constant Night Vision.

    Another idea: Auto-Smelter pickaxe. It could be coded to maybe only work with Iron and Gold Ore, or a different set of blocks, and would turn the ore into Ingots. This could be done over time in the inventory through xp, or it could consume fuel in the inventory to smelt what the pick mines instantly.

    Thoughts? To OP? Is there a way to nerf the auto-pick but have something similar?
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  5. +1 with this, as well as an additional respiration enchantment?

    I also +1 the meteor crossbow idea, as that was what I was planning on suggesting today in the meeting
    (alas, i had other things to do so I had to leave the meeting early)
  6. Ace Of Freedom
    "Everyone lawful shall be free to travel the chunks"

    The Elytra Promo we all have been waiting for. Possible enchantment combinations:

    1.- Unbreaking V, Mending, Final. The mending enchant will grant the promo useful to the masses and its high unbreaking stat provides the wearer with an unprecedented liberty. Just be careful with lava pools or falling into the void, this item can be destroyed.

    2.- Soulbound. The lack of the "final" stat allow players to modify the item, manually adding the mending and/or unbreaking enchant would destroy the lore and diminish its value but would turn the item virtually indestructible. this is the last Elytra you will ever use.

    3.- Unbreaking X, Final, (leaves a red, white and blue particle trail behind with a big, loud, blue, white and red rocket explosion almost at the end, barely allowing the wearer to fly unharmed). Dangerous, but too fun to remain forgotten on a chest. This item has a limited life so use it on special occasions, and, when it finally breaks, you can keep the damaged promo, proudly hanging on an item frame.
  7. It's bold.
    It's dangerous.
    It's American.
    I like it
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  8. Too OP.
    Too OP.
    Too OP.

    It's already been said by Krysyy that an elytra promo will not be released. The value of elytras is too much to warrant giving one to everyone.
    This would also completely crash the elytra market, and that is not the goal of promos.
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  9. Love the liberty bell idea!!!!
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  10. I'm still liking the Patriotic Punch item I suggested.
  11. The community liked the name but not the decorative nature. A good amount of people want a useful promo.
  12. One of the things we said would be a possibility is that it should still have a use, but be obtainable through other means such as by killing witches, fulfilling another two of the bullet points listed! :D
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  13. For this item which was an idea of mine which was to have a crossbow maybe with unbreaking V however it would be able to shoot the I-Day fireworks or promo fireworks the multi shot was throw in by someone else. I think it can be named the Roman candle because like the firework your able to point in the direction you want to fire it, unlike the other ideas where it would be a torch that you would place and a firework would shoot upwards. Using a crossbow to fire them would make it a bit more realistic feeling.
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  14. That was a cool meeting to listen into. Never realized how much thought went into creating promos and making sure it didn't affect the economy. :)

    Here's just some of my ideas (Ik some of them are dumb and probably generic but here it is)
    I also created some more professional text but ignore the description for the first one; that's just a reference to something else :p
  15. I like the idea of the water breathing say on a leather cap, this allows for it to be balanced in not much protection but gives you the ability to swim under water for a longer amount of time than normal. There is the conduit but that has a limited range and is rare enough for people to not want to obtain one.
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  16. Flying horse just saying ;)
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  17. How about a Mule named Independence then when you ride it it emits red white and blue particles.
  18. Or even a donkey :p
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  19. I popped in the voice channel for a bit yesterday and then I left shortly after. Can anyone tell me what has became of the conversation? I wasn't around long enough to know if someone was settled upon.
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  20. Its just a bit over Krysyy's 24 mark, but here is my suggestion:

    Blank Banner with Wearable Attribute, Any player can customize it to whatever they want. Make sure the attribute does not get lost when crafting the different designs or washing it down. America is notable for freedom (of speech), and I think this item could be fun for people to use and express themselves
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