EMC Community Appreciation - Launch & Introduction

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  1. Have a look around the community for people you want to be appreciated! New round coming July 2014
    Hey guys, we have a great community here on EMC and what we'd really like to do is start appreciating those players that do such an amazing job at being part of it all. There's a lot of you out there, so we've launched this new project that will highlight and reward the players that are such assets to the Empire.

    How it works
    • Each "round" has a span of 6 months, more or less. During this time players can build up their respect in the community, skills and just generally help out EMC.
    • Players can nominate those that have proved to be what we're looking for towards the end of the round to put them up to win a rupees prize and a unique EMC item.
    • The players with nominations are then looked at by the staff and whoever deserves the awards will win them (2-4 players).
    • Prizes: Special awards and 10,000r to a random nominator.
    How you can earn respect and possibly be nominated in future rounds
    • Being polite, respectful and well mannered
    • Involving yourself in the community
      • Thoughtful and attentive posts on the forums
      • Suggesting what you consider to be good ideas
      • Contributing to and creating discussions and debates - being respectful whilst doing so.
    • Helping all players, new and old, banned and active.
    • Showing inituative and organising fun, well planned events and contests
    • Helping promote/others promote EMC
    Spamming the forums, donating/giving away rupees, being active and the like, although it may win nominations, won't win you any awards. This is not a popularity contest. Asking people to nominate you or doing it for yourself will result in you being banned from any future appreciation rounds.

    This project is a biannual event that will allow our great community members to be appreciated. Stay tuned every Summer and Winter!
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  2. Awesome!
    This is a great idea!
    Thanks Alex :)
    EDIT - I posted this over a year ago, probably closer to a year and a half, and I never realized I was first.
    (1/8/2015) (That's January eighth 2015 for those who write it differently)
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  3. First: LIKE!

    EDIT: Jacob Ninja'd my post!
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  4. I vote for cadegamer and butter geeks
  5. You should probably read the full thread, haha. :)
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  6. Sounds nice, time to send out my minions good deeds everywhere.
  7. Sorry should do that at end of round
  8. Well, this sounds very exciting.
  9. Thats going to be pretty simple... :p

    Anyways, love this idea, but, are we just suggesting ideas for this now, for how it will work so something?
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  10. Hmmm, wonder where you got this Idea.
  11. I have a suggestion for this, actually. I'd suggest breaking up the awards amongst 3-5 players that are best deserved instead of just one.

    The way it is, 5 people could equally be putting lots of effort and positive energy into this community but won't win because there's only 1. You could split the award to 3-5 (ish?) you could recognize the people that have done a phenomenal job with EMC without picking favorites and letting people down. Of course if there's only 1-2 people that actually deserve it you don't have to give 3-5, but rather just those who truly deserve it.

    Just a thought, otherwise this is very nice and will greatly encourage players to take part in EMC itself :)
  12. Or one person gets 100k and they say who notable persons are.
  13. Yea, I'm confused on this too... But, It is a very great idea!
  14. This is basically a "here's what we're gonna do, but we're not telling you what we're gonna do". :p
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  15. huh, that makes it seem effortless.
    I'm not sure what to think of now...
    So muffin...
  16. "This is basically a "here's what we're gonna do, but we're not telling you what we're gonna do". :p"
    -JackBiggin ™
    The fun we have on SMP2...
  17. Thought so... I knew it all along... I'm amazing :p
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  18. I was going to say this on this account but, I changed my mind xD
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  19. I LOVE this idea! It gives people a person to strive to be like, and a person who for new players, a person to look up to. All in all, fantastic idea, can't wait to see who wins.
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  20. This seems like a popularity contest.
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