EMC Community Appreciation July 2014 - Nominations Now Open!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. EMC Community Appreciation Awards for the period of January 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014 are now open!
    NOMINATIONS ARE CLOSED. Pending Analysis.

    Nominate someone now at: emc.gs/nominate or click HERE!

    What is this Award?

    How it works
    • Each "round" has a span of 6 months, more or less. During this time players can build up their respect in the community, skills and just generally help out EMC.
    • Players can nominate those that have proved to be what we're looking for towards the end of the round to put them up to win a rupees prize and a unique EMC item.
    • The players with nominations are then looked at by the staff and whoever deserves the awards will win them (2-4 players).
    • Prizes: Special awards and 10,000r to a random nominator.
    How you can earn respect and possibly be nominated in future rounds
    • Being polite, respectful and well mannered
    • Involving yourself in the community
      • Thoughtful and attentive posts on the forums
      • Suggesting what you consider to be good ideas
      • Contributing to and creating discussions and debates - being respectful whilst doing so.
    • Helping all players, new and old, banned and active.
    • Showing inituative and organising fun, well planned events and contests
    • Helping promote/others promote EMC
    Spamming the forums, donating/giving away rupees, being active and the like, although it may win nominations, won't win you any awards. This is not a popularity contest. Asking people to nominate you or doing it for yourself will result in you being banned from any future appreciation rounds.
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  2. Attempting to nominate yourself or through alternate accounts will result in disqualification.
  3. Are we allowed to donate to the prize pool?
  4. There is no prize pool for this because it is not a contest, it is an Award.
    You should save up your donations for the next contest...
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  5. I love this! Great job, krysyy!
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  6. I'm kind of new to the EMC community so this is new to me. It seems interesting though! :p
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  7. Sorry if I missed it in the OP, can we nominate staff members?
  8. Oh, yeah I want the answer to that too both mine were...
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  10. You should renominate people then...
  11. Oh, I forgot about this! :p Time to go nominate some people. :) Thanks, krysyy!
  12. Good of you to take the initiative to do this, KrysyyJane.
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  14. If I have an older brother that I feel should be nominated, would that be counted as nominating an alternate, since he's under the same I.P. as I am?
  15. can we nominate ourselves
  16. And thanks for putting this together krysyy :) I'm glad everyone who has been putting their time and effort into the community are being recognized.
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