[2013 July] EMC Community Appreciation - NOMINATIONS!

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  1. The winners can now pick up their prizes at 4006 on SMP2. :)

    Nominations have all been looked at after a few weeks of reviewing and voting. I'm pleased to announce the winners for the July 2013 EMC Appreciation round!

    Shavingfoam is a dedicated and very polite member of our community. Creating programs such as the EMC Shopkeeper and Anti-griefing tool, the time he puts into EMC is significant as he answers questions and fixes issues without asking for anything in return. Thank you Shavingfoam for the effort you put into making our gaming lives easier!

    Ninjaboy is a role-model for many. The politeness and respect that he shows for his fellow players should be taken on-board by everyone.

    Always willing to help out and get the job done, Joe keeps a smile on the face of everyone around him.

    Act of Kindness Winner
    Tinkerbell is one truly brilliant person. Even when she faces her own challenges, Tinkerbell will go out of her way to help another player who's facing difficulties; not only in-game, but in real life.

    Congratulations to Zulu9 who won 5,000r just for nominating.

    Thank you everyone for taking part. Everyone that was nominated has something to give, and if we could make it happen, everyone on EMC would win a prize. Great job EMC. :)

    Winners: Please wait a few days before you can collect your prizes at 4006 on SMP2. :)

    Hey guys! After the launch thread - if you haven't seen it, please read it here, we're pleased to announce that the time for nominations in the July 2013 Community Appreciation round is here!

    We have some great community members, so without further delay, let's let them know we're grateful for their help.

    How to nominate those that stand out to you

    All you need to do is click this link; nominate.emcurl.com and fill out the form! Remember, the player has to be deserving of recognition because all players are reviewed when nominated.

    Information for nominating players
    • You can only nominate 2 different players.
    • Vote for people who truly deserve it, not just because they're your friends.
    • This is not a popularity contest!
    • Trying to cheat the system is a waste of time and won't end well. We can detect it very easily.
    • You cannot nominate staff members or myself.
    • Do not nominate using alts.
    • Nomination reasons and people nominating the player are only viewable by staff.
    • The deadline for nominations is the 25th, at which point they will be counted and reviewed.
    The main prizes are still TBE, however you can win 5,000r for voting.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post below.

    As always, let's remember to help out our fellow Minecrafters and contribute to the community that we know and love.
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  2. First! and Ill vote :)
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  3. Just to reinforce the red message...

    Don't nominate yourself or nominate using a false name (even using alts). We can track this, and will simply ban you from all future Community Appreciation Awards. Honestly, it's not a good idea.

    It's there for a reason, and it's very important you listen to it. :)
  4. This event is really nice of you to plan out :)

    I'll definitely vote :)
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  5. A good way to get people to vote for you is to gift everyone diamond supporter. :rolleyes:
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  6. Which we will then see and denominate the person. :D
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  7. What's wrong about giving people $20? It's not like I'm bribing them at all....
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  8. But, you voted for yourself... because you are cute and furry... XD jk.
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  9. Do not false nominate.
  10. lol wait im confused when it asks "What's you minecraft name?" is it asking for the person your nominating or do you have to put YOUR name.. sorry i just woke up.
  11. It'll ask for your name first, and then nomination info after you press the button for the first time. :)
  12. Sorry, i kinda missed that we couldn't nomiate staff members. I will do a legit nomination using Faithcaster2, and please delete Faithcaster's vote as it's a wrong way to nominate.
  13. Nomination has been denominated. Please renominate using Faithcaster, not Faithcaster2. :)
  14. Guys, EMC is full of jokers, pranksters, and "funny people," but this is one thing the staff wants you to take with a grain of seriousness. Please take a moment to consider carefully who really deserves to be recognized for being a positive influence on us all. :) That's not to discourage you from nominating anyone, mind you, but voting someone up for teh lulz won't do anything but waste your vote and the staff's time.
  15. Very legit reason.
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  16. Yes, I finally get a say in appreciation for others whom are awesome!
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  17. Awe jack i love your hamster :)
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  18. Will it be for this month only? Or the 6 months?
    If it is 6 months, wouldn't it be smart to wait on the nominations until you see people doing good in the community?
    Just a little confused on this respect. Would someone be able to help me understand a bit better?
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  19. ....I didn't vote for my brother...Don't tell him shhhhhhh