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  1. Since my comments have been removed from the thread as well, and since I've been notified that the thread should be kept on-topic, I'm posting here in a new thread instead.

    I posted asking Aikar why certain EMC player(s) were being censored. He removed my post and replied in a private conversation:

    Subject: Please do not start drama.

    "He broke the rules and is posting drama that is off topic so it was not approved.

    The thread needs to stay on topic, and theres nothing more to discuss of that topic."

    My question was: Why are you censoring EMC players when they didn't use profanity or other foul speech? For a game server that is hosted in a country that promotes free speech, I find this highly disturbing. If they have a differing opinion from that of Staff, why don't you just respond to the comments rather than censoring them?

    In light of Aikar's above comments, I will add: If the comments were merely off-topic, why not move them to a new thread, or advise the Player that they should start a new thread? Instead, you simply removed the comments except for excerpts that you felt like re-posting and replying to.

    I understand that this is a private server and so you can do whatever you like with content that is posted. That is within your rights. However, it only serves to raise suspicion and distrust among players when they feel that they cannot openly express their opinions, when done so in a manner that is not derogatory.
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  2. Ugh... this is still happening?

    @Staff: Look, I know starting drama is against the rules (and, by extension this thread will probably end up locked in short order), but c'mon we've been over this. When posts just start "vanishing," it raises more questions and problems than it solves. You want to keep things on track and I get that, but unless it's something absolutely vile (hate, racism, profanity, NSFW) there are other vastly better ways to handle this stuff.
  3. Major problem right here: I only got your word to go on. I am not calling you a liar, do not get me wrong, but.. I honestly can't comment on all this. And I think neither can anyone else, even if they say they can.

    "The thread". What thread?

    Also: asking in a thread why people are being moderated? I'd do the same thing as you said Aikar did to be very honest. The issue of being moderated is generally between the moderator and the offender. Others have no real say in this, and trying to confront the moderator in the thread itself.. Surely you can see that those would be offtopic?

    Alas; I don't know "what thread" but I'd still like to counter-question you: why not move questions to a new thread? Why didn't the original questioner confront Aikar directly or privately?

    The only reason I respond is because I've come to suspect that some players pick up things because of some (personal opinion): poor choice of words from the staff (no offense, nothing between the lines, just my 2 cents). I think some players blow some of these comments out of proportion.

    But as to offtopic comments: they were removed, you were warned.. what else? Seems fair to me..
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  5. Hmm nowhere, That Thread is only 2 pages long with no deleted comments on there. Here's a link of pictures providing that thread from staff members pov. https://m.imgur.com/DFynFRu,YRSzO8C,fO3uZC4,OC6xdbd,SkplZbF,X4BXfap,ivuUbR7,gGCSuEX,MYky4ee,deZOSCN
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  6. I'd also like to comment on another statement made:

    I, and I believe other players, would disagree. You and other Staff should be immensely interested in what the EMC players have to say regarding your development choices and priorities. The players are, in effect, the lifeblood of EMC. Without them, the EMC as we know it today would not exist. Unfortunately complaints are a process of finding out how the community really feels about Staff decisions regarding the direction that EMC is taking.

    I understand regulating these sort of comments to a different thread or section of the forum, but I cannot condone the type of censorship that has occured.
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  9. *sign. Just take my word on it no comments were deleted from that thread. A deleted comment is shown to all staff members Moderators to Admins. No one can simply make comment disappear on the site.
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  10. In light of the fact that you already posted that the above-mentioned thread that I posted in showed no "deleted" posts and yet not only did I post in it, but my post was removed and Aikar sent a message to me regarding my post that was removed, obviously there is a way to remove posts without showing them as "deleted." If anyone would have the power to do so, it would be the owner of the server. How naive of you to think that there is no way of deleting posts without having them actually show as being deleted.
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  11. Aikar can (also, krysyy can too... probably...) :}
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  12. We're still going through this? :(
  13. There's 2 different versions of that thread, if that's what you're referring to(?)

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  15. If it was hard deleted, Xenforo would say "The requested thread could not be found".
  16. Yeah, didn't mean hard delete. Just meant players couldn't see it. :p

    Personally with censorship, I definitely don't think EMC's the worst for it (for that, feel free to spend a day on Minepl0x's forums - and have fun with their staff who don't quite know what the definition of a flame war is >_>). However, yeah, sometimes some stuff that really could just be locked gets deleted, like that thread. Yeah, it's outdated, but no point in completely getting rid of 100ish posts of people saying they don't like an idea - just redtext or delete the ones with people being rude in, and then allow the rest to be there, but locked.
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  17. Imagine a religion thread on that forums... that'd be fun xD
  18. Sorry, but your comments are getting off-topic. I think they might have to be deleted. :p