EMC Banner Ad Contest!

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  1. Hey Everyone! It's time for another official contest again!

    In the past, we ran a banner ad contest, and it's time again!

    Here's a link to the old one: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-submissions-create-emc-banners.18625/

    What we need:
    • Animated GIF at 468x60 size.
      • Static image (no animation) is ok to submit too, but we primary need animation.
    • Under 100k file size.
    • Use of ChunkFive or Nunito Font (Use your own judgement on which fits to Design, these are free fonts)
    • Try to use EMC colors where it fits.
    • Use EMC logo (http://empireminecraft.com/static/logo.psd if you need, or use PNG logo in head of site)
    • Use the following selling points:
      • Legit Survival Server
    Contest Deadline:
    Entries Must be in by January 22nd 25th (10 days!). Judging should be finished before the end of the month.

    • First Place: Unique Aikar Head (Special Lore for this Contest), Diamond Voucher
    • Second Place: Aikar Signature Book, Gold Supporter Voucher
    • Third Place: Gold Supporter Voucher
    Submissions will be judged by the staff.

    By submitting an image you give us the right to use it in marketing material in any way we please, and relinquish copyright to the image. We will use the submissions to advertise EMC at our discretion.
    Even if you do not win the contest, we may decide to still use your banner at some point of time!

    Good Luck!
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  2. Do we need to use all the given points?
    Also, its so close to 100k...
  3. I know.... I guess we could write 100k, since the actual in game count isn't visible anyways haha.

    I updated post to say 100k, and as for all the points, no, but least focus on Survival Server, Adult Staff, and Community.
  4. Looks like ima have to learn how to make these things in 1 week.... must have another Aikar head!
  5. I would love to participate. Do not know a thing about this.

    Anybody know any programs for this and/or tutorials?
  6. Hmm... I too must learn within a week. But I have good enough ideas for at least a chance, if I can make it work. :)
    Google has all the answers. :D
  7. It is possible to make gifs in photoshop or GIMP, among other programs. GIMP is free, and Adobe Photoshop CS2 is also free (and legal!).
    Here is a tutorial for making animated gifs in Photoshop CS2. Even if you don't incorporate that much animation into your banner, some of the steps (like saving) still apply.
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  8. GIMP is a bit more complicated.... which is why I gave up even trying this myself haha!
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  9. I can sympathize with that haha.. After using photoshop for so long, I gave up on trying GIMP after 20 mins of struggling with the tools. I've heard it's a great alternative to PS though.
  10. After I almost got tricked into downloading 5 things, I download Gimp. It advertises that it is easier. Who knows.
  11. isnt it abit silly to count every player that has entered and quit the server? we are nowhere near 100k players, we are infact nowhere near 10k players :p Shouldnt we create a banner that has truth in it, instead of the normal jibberjabber other junk servers run with? besides, 100k players sounds like complete madness(if u imagine even a percentage of that online at 1 point) What you should have in your add is the quality of the community, not the quantity(which in this case is a lie also). Just my 2 cents :)
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  12. Well, that's all relative... people who have never used Photoshop before may find GIMP very intuitive, or at least easy to learn, while people who have used Photoshop (or illustrator, paint, etc) may need to "forget what they know" to be comfortable with learning another graphics editor that has a very different UI.

    They are both highly recommended, though, so you can't go wrong with either.
  13. I can't even figure out gimp :p
  14. Just wondering, is it possible to have a Gif within a Gif?
  15. After playing around with gimp, I think I am better off not doing this contest -_-

  16. Yes, but you'd have to incorporate one gif into the other, by combining the layers (frames).
  17. Shouldn't it be 'Mature' staff? A lot of the staff started out or are still teenagers.
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  19. Does the Advertisement need to be standing up like this or on it's side or both?
  20. not like that one, 468x60. That was a different ad that I was able to fit alot of words about EMC into.