[Contest Submissions] Create EMC Banners

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Dec 9, 2012.

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  1. This is the best I could do :p image.jpg
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  2. banner 1.png
    First Attempt - there will be more to come
  3. banner 2.png
    My attempt at the 630*245
  4. First Attempt at 630x245:Best Minecraft Servers
    With Less Text:
    Best Minecraft Servers\
    More Text:
    Best Minecraft Servers
  5. This is the one when i made one for [Guide] How to spread EMC:
    Best Minecraft Servers
    I should have my new one with dragon tombs in a few days :)
  6. Actually, for this time, we're asking for ones WITHOUT the Dragon Tombs quite yet. We may run a future contest for that time though. :)
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  7. EMCBanner.png
    Ultra original, I know. Other size coming at some point.
    One with typo that was originally uploaded seems to be stuck as an attachment...

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  8. Empire Minecraft Wallpaper Design.jpg
    Took less then 30 minutes to create this, Enjoy the wall paper design! :)
    Please reply to me / message me how you think about my
    banner! Thanks everybody.
    -CookieGod ;)
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  9. might edit it yet, not happy with the text:
    Best Minecraft Servers
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  10. this logo belongs to both me and nfell 2009. if we happen to win the prize money gets split evenly between us.

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  11. I got some new ones!

    Click Here - To view my new ones!
  12. Best Minecraft Servers
    Credit this to Azoundria, please.
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  13. Seeing as you all are making GIF's i thought i would give it a try, this is still a work in progress but here it is so far: (btw this is the first GIF I have made)
    Best Minecraft Servers
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