[Contest] Create A Banner For EMC!

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  1. Total Prize Money For Contest

    224,279 Rupees

    Hey everyone!

    Right now we're advertising Dragon Tombs on our banners (we expected an earlier release, but a lot of Mojang updates brought bugs we had to fix up). I'm offering 10,000 rupees in a contest for people to create some more up to date banners for us to use on server list sites. The staff will pick a handful at the end of it and we'll put the rest up to community votes for the winner. The submission will require two banners. One will be 468x60 and the other will be 630x245 (for PlanetMinecraft).

    Please do not make the banners server specific. (ie. smp1, smp2, etc.). Include the website, though. Either EmpireMinecraft.com or Empire.us will do fine.

    We want the banners to be professional but VERY standout-ish as well. Something that if we're anywhere on the front page, ours will stand out, even over those above it.

    There's no limit to the amount of banners you can make.

    Also, for those that aren't chosen as the winner, we may use them to make an updated referral page with credit to you (and a possible rupee bonus as well) down the line!

    The 468x60 banner will receive half the prize and the 630x245 will receive the other. The same person can win both if it turns out that way.

    If people donate to the prize as well it will be added to the total which will be split.

    I will make a separate post which will be used for submissions ONLY. Any other posts/questions in that will be deleted.

    We will accept submissions until Saturday, December 22nd at 12AM Eastern Time.


    Donations From Others For This Contest
    Twitch1 - 178,721
    nick_godoy - 5,000
    Dwight5273 - 6,279
    catwarrior7 - 6,279
    bonzd67 - 10,000
    cowman18 - 8,000
  2. That's just a place holder for now. I'll update it when I make the thread. :)
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  3. I can't try for a week will it still be open then?
    I would love to help but some IRL stuff will get in the way.
    Silly me I missed the bit where it said Sunday 15th
    :( I can't make one :(
    Ohh well I look forwar to seeing the complete ones!
  4. This sounds awesome though!
  5. Well, you're ALWAYS welcome to make one and we could use it for referral banners. :)
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  6. Yay! Can it be animated?
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  7. Sounds like fun. Why not try it!
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  8. Hey a animated banner will show how much better quality we are .
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  9. I'll try and enter, I have a few ideas :)
  10. Yes, it can be animated.
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  11. I'm so doing one of these..

    But I'm guessing economy ruining tyrant doesn't count as a selling point?
  12. Thanks IcC! Otherwise my work would have gone xD
  13. Dont think that will work Jack...
    How about:
    EMC - Failing Economy! Cows Blowing Up Stuff! Beggers! Annoyaces! Griefers!
    JOIN NOW! SMP4.Empire.Us
  14. Oh! I'd like to add to not make it a specific server like smp1 or smp2, etc.

    Just make it a general emc ad. You can include the website though.
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  15. Did you get that from my amazing soon to be EMC Banner?
  16. I happen to have the original .ai file for the EmpireMinecraft logo from past work I have done with it. Its only in a .ai format.... so, I do not know if any other programs besides illustrator can open them, but it can definitely help out in the realm of quality.

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  17. because Im a good guy, I went ahead and added a .png version. Just about every image/graphic software uses that format. Including Paint.net and GIMP, which is what I would recommend to those who can not get a hold of photoshop, fireworks, or illustrator.

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  18. Or the amazing Copy + Paste the logo from the top. -.-
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  19. its not as good as quality. Just saying. If you keep it that size it would look fine, but if you change the size at all it would not morph as well vs. a .psd, or a .png.