EMC Banner Ad Contest!

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  1. Grr.. sorry guys I forgot to post to staff, will soon.

    Alex: Some of yours went 404, I think the speed is good for referral banners but needs to slow down the ending frames and also remove some grainyness.
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  2. You mean they wouldn't load by 404? I'm not sure how to fix that, but you were using a lower quality version hence the graininess, so that's fixed as well as the speed:

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  3. Much better on speed/frames, but the grainyness is still there.

    Maybe remove 2 of the background images ? That will cut down on size and allow more room for quality.
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  4. It looks pretty good actually. It doesn't have to be top quality, does it?
  5. Already do :p

    What you have is top quality possible with Photoshop, but I've started working on a common background version to try out for quality.
  6. As you can see it's not...quite done, but this is the jist (have to re-do some sort of transition, takes forever) of it.

  7. hey thats my res!
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  8. Looking good, just need to slow down the change of text and i think thatll be what we need!

    BTW - Contest is being voted on right now, will have results in 2-3 days.
  9. The text is going a little bit fast:p It's kinda funny how we try to fire our advantages at them.
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  10. Yeah, that's what I mean when I say changing the transitions - hopefully it'll save time not having to make them slide in but it's a pain to make them have any appearance action at all, I'll try no transition at all first
  11. Here we go:

    As you can see there's a little visual glitch with the shadows, it's because there's multiple logos visible in certain layers and that makes the shadow deeper, so I need to fix that tomorrow
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  12. Okay everything fixed:

  13. is that ok?
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  14. yeah lol
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  15. Ok I think we've had enough time for voting, will announce winners and hand out rewards soon!
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  16. So sorry for the delay.... It's been a hectic few weeks for me :(

    The winners are in!

    1) amadai
    2) AlexChance
    3) Airlynx99

    I will try to get the rewards out tonight, but big thanks to everyone who contributed!

    Remember, even if you didn't win, you still helped and your banner might be used :)
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  17. Rewards have been sent... Sorry for the delay!
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  18. Got my mail this morning, totally unexpected, thank you aikar!
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