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Should we even have Elytra

yes 34 vote(s) 81.0%
no 4 vote(s) 9.5%
quack... oh wait what? 4 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. So it's another one of these threads, but 1.9 got me thinking about what emc will do about Elytra. Elytra will be hard because of the fairness/availability, if aikar was to leave it as is now they would be worth millions probably, and create a big gap. If only a few people have Elytra then they might have a advantage in pvp, mob arena, death events, and fire floor, and aikar doesn't like advantages *cough cough* xp *cough cough*. So I have a few ideas/thoughts on how emc will handle them:

    1)Have something like stables... 500r to get it out and when 7 minutes of flight is up you have to "rent" another one. I could see aikar putting a supporters get it free but I hope not

    2)purchase a Elytra for 10,000 tokens and *poof* you got one. This would create a interesting market with players with lots of tokens purchasing for new/token deprived players

    3) give every player a Elytra, and put them in starter sets.

    Tell me what you think aikar will do, what you want him to do, and any other thoughts.

    EDIT: Just to be clear I think it should remain pretty much vanilla
  2. Hm... interesting... I'll wait to read other's comments to form an own opinion.
  3. Personal Statement:
    We didn't make Diamond Horse Armor available to everyone with a command, did we?
    There are multiple types of advantages in the game of Minecraft. Active effort is not something we really look to affect. Just saying...

    Official Statement:
    We don't know what we will be doing yet, but will let the community know as soon as we do.
  4. When 1.9 comes out, we should all be given 1 elydra, we keep that safe and if we lose it its gone unless u go to the end
  5. Well it is vanilla :p
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  6. Baaa...

    This is an END game item (double meaning intended). It would be disappointing if these items were 'common'. These can only be found on end ships which require some 'exploration' to find.

    I would suggest that we get a new EWaste (End Waste) that would be able to provide these to those willing to make the trip. (I of course do not know how difficult it would be to provide a end 'waste'.

    These of course will sell (as they should) and they should certainly be a difficult (extreme) to get.

    My 2c
  7. I agree it should be an end game item, it should take work, and it should be worth tons, but other things have been dealt with do to "an advantage" even though it would can be done with enough work
  8. That and it should be a voters item :p
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  9. I don't see the advantage of this item (well I do but...) a 'simple' item:elytra = false is most likely very possible for /pvp /arena /sheepfarm /aikar's-nose, etc... The advantage will be it's use in world exploration / gaming in town , etc...
  10. I don't see a reason to disable it in PVP.

    It's very limited room, and if you can find a way to use it competitively.... more power to you.
    You're also at higher risk gliding through the air unable to defend yourself from arrows.

    As for what we're going to do, nothing confirmed yet, but for the simple fact of having a replenishing stock of the world, the likelyhood of a new Wastelands End is high.

    How we connect that with the current strategy is the question, since waste is a main way of accessing the frontier end, but I have a plan to fix that too.
  11. I don't PVP (as of now) - so I wouldn't truly understand.

    Look forward to gravity induced fear fun.
  12. :eek:
    Leave Elytra alone! These need to be rare!
    And its not like only 5 will be released, theoretically there will be an INFINITE amount of them up for grabs, you just need to venture farther out into the end.
  13. I think some players put waay too much value into the Elytra. Sure, it's cool to have but when it comes to travel and such then I think that having a horse can be much more beneficial than having an Elytra.

    My take on the whole thing would simply be to open up the End to all players. The End is more of less an infinite world, so it also has a (more or less) infinite supplies of Elytras.

    When EMC goes 1.9 then I definitely won't be running head first into the End. Instead I'll be looking out for a "faithful" like texture pack which puts 1.8 audio effects back into 1.9 because the new sounds in 1.9 drive me totally crazy. I can't stand them, IMO utter misuse of highpass audio filters; pretty crappy applied too if I say so myself.

    I think that in 1 - 1.5 years time all players who care for an Elytra will have one. Just like there will be dozens of others who have grown tired of it. Trust me: that'll happen sooner than you think.

    • You stand on the edge of a huge cliff (like in Extreme Hills biomes); no problem, you'll quickly pass it using the Elytra. And then you notice that the cliff was a liiiittle bit too wide, effectively making you glide all the way to the bottom. Yikes, is that a lava river I see there?!
    • You first got the Elytra, happy days! Now you can glide to the other End islands... uhm... please go up... up, up... nooo, not the void!
    • In the Nether you look down on a new Netherrack area. NOW the Elytra will shine: you glide down, check it out and build your way up to this location if needed.
      • Everything goes as planned. Just too bad that you landed on a small strip of Netherrack; an island in the middle of a huge lava lake. Can't gather the rack without potions, and you don't have enough mats to build a tower to go back up.
      • In all fairness: this is a freak incident which doesn't happen casually!
    • I stand on a small hilltop (savanna) and will show my friend how cool I am by gliding to the next small hill. Only to fully crash into it, even damaging my Elytra further while my friend (riding a horse) is now teasing me with "what's taking you so long?".
    And then my personal favorite:

    I'm gliding / flying all the way in the sky, watch me go! Only to suddenly notice that my Elytra gave out on me and now I'm dropping down from y200. That's going to leave a mark :D
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  14. In my opinion, the Elytra is an amazing item and I want DCs of them but as cowland said, you need to venture out very far to find one, not to mention the rarity of even finding it. I don't think it should be a starter item but I do like the idea of tbuy, but because of the usefulness, it shouldn't be 10k, more up along the lines of 50k tokens
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  15. Unbreaking/mending could help out, and I think you can still glide after you stall out if you let it gain enough momentum. I think most people will just use elytra in town and make cool obstacle courses.
  16. If it is true that it is an unlimited amount and any brave soul can go on a quest for it then I don't see the issue. If it is limited, then there is the issue of all the players who are armed to the teeth with the best armor and ready to roll at a moments notice. I think the number of players who fit in that category already have many pretty things to hang on their wall and many rupees in their account and are relatively few in number compaired to the average working joe trying to get some coal for a furnace.

    In short, I believe there are a select few treasure hunters that will clean out all/ or all easily accessable ones when the starting gun goes off and then they will be available for sale in malls for tens or hundreds of thousands of rupees.

    Just another market to exploit. I guess what it really means when you get right down to it as I think about it, I am going to have to travel a lot farther out into the frontier to find peace and quiet. Its bad enough to be hanging out in my flower garden when some gung ho adventurer miles from any path stumbles into my place, but now they will be dropping out of the sky? Its going to be a lot harder to build a wall to keep people out now :(
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  17. If they truly are using elytra to grief your base, they are just wasting their own time.

    Realistically, they will probably just accidentally stumble across your place, take a cooked chicken and leave a "Sorry, I was hungry!" sign, then take off flying.

    One thing I do beg that happens, please add a command or something that allows us to teleport into the air. I really do not want giant dirt poles everywhere in the wild.
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  18. Make the ppl earn it. 365 day voting item - soul bound - unbreakable.

    But no other buffs - but keep in mind - you don't get to wear your chest piece armor while it is equipped, so it sucks for fighting.
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  19. I'll just say this: Don't base all reasoning off the Pre Release just yet. I've been reporting bugs all yesterday because there is TONS. Elytra has a few that currently do make it unfair if used that way. Wait for 1.9 Official release. Im sure there will be many tweaks that change some opinions here.
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  20. I came here to add my vote that it be added as a Voter's item. We have Voter's armor, tools, and weapons so this would fit in nicely to complete a full set.

    Without knowing how the update will affect the End I kind of fear that a minority of people are going to tear through there and get them all shortly after we update, so I especially like the idea for that reason.

    Also, McAodh mentioned rewarding this for 365 days of voting. I was kind of expecting something special to happen on my 365th day of voting and it was rather mundane. For some reason, I expected a surprise like a cake or certificate. I did have a friend congratulate me on my 500th day so there's that.

    Not sure when I received the Voter's Certificate, but it was long before. It may have been more appropriate to send it to me on my anniversary. If a year seems too easy, perhaps the rewards could be spread out more in order to achieve a full Voter's Set.
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