Eggifying bats in wild

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  1. So I came across a ravine at one point and after getting rid of all the mobs, I saw some bats flying around. I though, hey I don't have very many eggified bats. So I made a stick and tried to right click it. I know I had my cursor on it a few times especially when it was right in my face, but nothing happened.

    I consulted the wiki about eggifying and realized I might not have an open spot so I threw some blocks/items I wasn't using on the ground (I threw them on the GROUND!) and proceeded to try and eggify it, still nothing.

    So it seems like (at least for me) you cannot eggify bats in the wild/waste. Why is that? You're suppose to be able to do all the other passive mobs really, even /shop sold them at one point. So why can't I eggify them in the wild? Is it cause they are considered neutral mobs or something kinda like snowmen, or endermen (as long as you don't look at their self conscious bodies) or like zombie pigmen (as long as you don't punch them in the face)?

    If it is actually possible, then how was it I wasn't able to eggify the two flying around in my face while wildly right clicking with a stick in my hand jumping all over the place like a mad man in a ravine 600 leagues under the sea?
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  2. You can't egg them in the wild you can only get their eggs at shop or at the empire shop
  3. Why's that?
  4. It's just a feature of EMC's that has always been that way. My guess is that it keeps the quantity of bat eggs out there low so that we don't have people creating random clouds of bats in people's outposts or bases. :p
  5. I don't think they're classified as "friendly" mobs. Since we can't egg unfriendly mobs, they can't be captured. That or maybe it's a means to keep us from egging the Marlix's invisible ride out from under him.

    (Edit) - Or it could be what HashHog just said there (didn't see it until after the page refreshed).
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  6. You could easily make his invisible bat invulnerable to egging.

    It's just the way that EMC has always been, and I think it might partially be done to prevent people trolling each other with bats.
  7. I believe its that way due to marlix
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  8. It's true; bats cannot be eggified within the wilderness worlds. Also, it hasn't always been like this; you could eggify bats in the wilderness awhile back, but now you can't. :)
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  9. This is a good question because I had the same problem.
    BUT I did buy some bats from another player's shop.
    SO...... my question now is if you can't eggify them or breed them how did that other player get those bats I bought (Cheap)?
  10. /shop i think
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  11. If I am not mistaken, bats can spawn in dark areas on residences
  12. Bats can't spawn on residences.
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  13. I'm pretty sure tuqueque is correct. The player must've purchased them from the Empire shop, itself, since they are EMC exclusive items.
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  14. Then they lost a lot of ruppees selling them
  15. Congratulations on posting on this 7 month old thread. I hope what you had to say was really worth adding.

    Have a nice day.
  16. Ya it WAS worth adding :mad: and just because a thread is old doesn't mean the topic is invalid, especially to newer players who have the same old rehashed questions.
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  17. Does it really matter enough to be a problem? If your against this thread rising up to the top it doesn't help to post on it.
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  18. Forum etiquette is a thing :)

    If you have a rehashed concern, you can create a new thread ;)
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  19. except for me... who's got like 10 stacks of them.

    ... because i can't have enough of my minions. :cool:
    no, they can't... no mobs can ever just "spawn" on your res.
    i 100% disagree... the less threads about the same thing, the better.. i for one, can't stand so many threads involving the same topic, no harm at all in bumping an old thread...

    and i honestly didn't even pay a single bit of attention to the date those previous comments were posted until haro got upset over the old thread being bumped.. lol