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  1. It appears we are nearing the 1.5 update for Minecraft. This message is to serve as your reminder to NOT UPDATE YOUR CLIENT until we give you the okay!

    Updating to 1.5 prior to us being ready will prevent you from connecting to the EMC servers until we are ready. As this update is rather extensive compared to past updates, it may take us (and plugin authors) a little longer to update than past updates.

    We do not have an ETA as of yet, but when we do, we'll inform you as soon as we know.
  2. Cant Wait till 1.5! :D First!
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    thx for letting us know ;D
    how dare u steal my first post ;-;
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  4. Can't wait! It will be so awesome!

    Edit: Grrr, I auto clicked the update button before thinking. Will I lose my res if the sever updating takes to long?
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  5. Technically it's the fourth post including The Cow's.
  6. Thanks IcC!
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  8. Third reply, Mr Technical lol
    Also, I leave you with this;
  9. That's not the 1.5 release - that's a snapshot update ... the 1.5 release is within the second week of march
  10. fifteenth!, oh also super excited for redstone blocks, quartz and DURGAN TOMBS!
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  12. 59,871,256,642,489,513th! FTW!!!! Beat that! (Hot Wheels?)
    Cool :) Can't wait.
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  13. Hoppers

    Please update as fast as possible, EMC, so I can enjoy such pleasant feature
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  14. reserve
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  15. So I've got a question.... Did mojang already release the update? I'm not on a computer at the moment so I don't know...
  16. Then I think it is close enough to warrant this thread.
  17. No.
    ICC would not leave it this late lol
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  18. OMG!!!! im soo excited that i just cant hide it . . . . . .. .im a bout to loose control and i think i like it go REDSTONE BLOCKS!
  19. No, all they released was a snapshot with new update releases ... there is no warranted time frame on when 1.5 will be out, all they said is within the first to second week of march
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