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  1. Hey everyone. Just getting this post out there as a PSA. If you are bothered by the cross server chat and want to be a hermit.
    /chat toggle c
    is the command you want to run.

    /chat s
    This command will only send/receive to people on the same smp as you.

    The other purpose of this thread is to mention some improvements I will be working on after I fix bugs.

    • Making those chat toggles persist on log outs and switching servers.
    • Make it easier to see how your chat channels are configured.
    Those are the big thing that come to my mind. Feel free to leave your feedback on other changes to CHAT that you would like to see.
    Removing cross server chat will not be considered at this time, since we are going to be giving you an easier way to leave it.
  2. I find the way that only foreign chat messages have the SMP in front of them to be really annoying. Maybe it's just me. I would appreciate it though if local server messages also had the SMP in front of them, but in a different color maybe, so that the names line up correctly. Oh and also make the Utopia 4 characters so it lines up too. Perhaps [UTOP]?
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  3. Perhaps add "smpX" as an alias for sending to the same smp as you? So if you're on smp1, you could do "/c smp1", which would do the same as "/c s".

    I also think "/chat help" would be a useful command/alias.

    Furthermore, adding these options (residence, local, server, cross server) to the help menu would be helpful as well, I think.
  4. I agree with Tom, otherwise I love this new addition. I do feel that it might get a bit chaotic once our player count increases again lol.
  5. Everyone time you change SMPs, the chat gets like 20 blank lines. It used to make sense because chat was not global, but now it just disrupts conversations, anyway you can make this smaller, like 2-3 lines, it is still line to know when you changed smps
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  6. not technically a bug. But we will look into what we can do about this.
    It is actually blocking codes for certain mods. I am sure some of those mods are not updated, so the codes shouldn't be needed anymore...
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  7. Based on feedback. Adjusted UTOPIA's chat tag to just be UTOP.

    What are our thoughts on this change? Better? (context, was concern about the inconsistent widths).
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  8. Good. :)
    Of course, we've always tried to keep chat looking as clean as possible, and these tags take away from that a little. However, if the length of the tag is completely consistent, it is much less of an issue.
  9. This is a question directed at everyone.

    If the server tags were a player setting. Would you turn them off? I am against useless player settings, so I would only want to add it, if it were used.
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  10. I found having the SMP infront makes chat really busy now. If possible could you guys maybe use a * beside the name to indicate they are somewhere else? It would really minimize chat a little bit.
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  11. It wouldn't say WHERE they are though. Maybe 1,2,3,4,5...U? Would that work?
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  12. I do like the idea of having it be only a really short tag.
  13. Krysyy and myself talked about it. We have a cool idea that should make everyone happy (yay)
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  14. I was thinking maybe you could have the star like EquableHook suggested, and maybe you can hover over it to see what SMP it was sent from
  15. Stars are reserved for staff distinction.

    As a moderator, it helps to see the number without hovering (and hovering on a moving screen is more difficult).

    We have an idea that chicken is working on that will cut it down substantially but provide staff the info they need to do their jobs efficiently.
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  16. IIRC, I believe Aikar wanted the three letter tag for Empires to be displayed in chat, so the less crowded the chat is for that uodate the better. You could also use the SMP national colors as identifiers (the ones we have in /smp and every spawn)

    Maybe an asterisk of the smp color the player is in
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  17. Turning it into a rainbow won't necessarily solve the problems. Let's wait til the fix is finalized, then we can discuss again. He's working out logistics at the moment because I made it harder on him.
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  18. Well, I'm curious!
  19. I was suggesting an alternate mechanism (mainly for a ps setting option) some people like rainbows (afterall we do have a rainbow forum color setting 😆)

    Anyways, I look forward to what you have planned 😀
  20. This works great maybe in chat it could look like
    (1) EquableHook:

    That looks a lot less cluttered. Then for Utopia use a U, Games, G, Stage S etc..
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