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  1. Hm, that's interesting. Have you, in the past, considered in specific situations what would happen if there was a dislike button? When I do so, in almost all cases my expected result is major annoyance for me, as people bug me about why I dislike the post. The only exceptions are when a thread has been closed, and I'd like to dislike the last (staff-made) post. But that feels unfair, especially as in some cases it might have been a good call to close the thread.
    Edit: You did realise that Jamie was being sarcastic, right? 🤔
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  2. I want it for the same reasons that commander and altpunisher don't want it *shrugs* this would be a good way to quantify my advancement towards becoming a super villain, I think.
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  3. I strongly don't think this is needed for this could lead to a lot of bad criticism ruining the positivity so -9000

  4. But will they? You can never be sure I think. But yeah, with all these things there are pro's and cons.

    I actually read the thread, yah ;)
  5. Wouldn't it be nice if u could just dislike wat i said and not have to type this :p
  6. (Reddit isn't the only place in existence to have a dislike button :p)

    OOOh true lol

    I think that the "no" voters are looking too far into it. Yea, people could abuse it. Yea, people could feel worse that someone disagreed with them. I completely agree with everything that everyone said above me (except Alt on the bringing more negativity on here. Keep it a little more peaceful there bud, we don't need no war up in here XD) I would MUCH prefer getting a dislike rather than a paragraph telling me over and over again that i am WRONG and that I need to FIX MYSELF before doing anything again. THE WORST FEELING that I get around here is that. Sometimes, I'm too afraid to start a thread that talks about me because I'm scared that I did something wrong on it or someone won't agree with me, such as my Regno Empire Recruiting thread. I spelled some Latin wrong and now the only conversation on there is people correcting me. Although a dislike button wouldn't help much in this case, it still deals me stress when people disagree with me on a mount that they feel the need to write an essay's worth dedicated to the problem with my post. I'm not sensitive, I'm just anxious, worried, and scared to be wrong. I think that a dislike button would help bring down the big negative posts that appear all too often (not just talking about ones that appear about mine, I find them a lot)

    Okay, that's a big paragraph, sorry :p Anyways, I'd still live without a dislike button, but I'd prefer a dislike button XD
    (It's weird, I don't normally go all out like this (sorry if you disagree with me, please be nice XD))
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  7. There would of been times in EMC history where the dislike button would of been handy for some interesting rulings made by staff. I am referring to the most recent (I know there are others) change last year but the system of liking, it just works. If you don't like someone's content, just move on and don't like it. Simple as that. Also petitions don't work because as you may know... The most recent Super Bowl ruined Sweet Victory for Sicko Mode although there were millions of signatures. A company will follow their own direction which they think will make them profitable.
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  8. *kicks door in with the power of 1000 suns* Gentlemen, Gentlemen! I may have found the solution to our problems! Now, I don't know how well this idea may work, as its just a thought but here we go! So, imma give you a scenario: You are scrolling through the forums and see a post you don't like. That's the end of the scenario. Now, here's where my solution comes into play. Instead of commenting on it, you just keep scrolling and move on with life. You are not obligated to like every single post you see. If you don't like something, don't like it. Simple. *kicks door out with the power of 1000 suns*
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  9. Lol would have been nice to have a dislike button on my wither fight, comander could have just disliked it rather then posted 5 paragraphs telling me how bad it was -_-
  10. I think that others have clearly stated why there is no "dislike", but I'll just share my thoughts:

    1. I see no need to have such a feature.
    2. What substantive addition would it be to what already exists without being another arbitrary addition?
    3. I am pretty certain that others are happy with the current system. If there grew a demand for such a feature, more than just a select few of the community, they would have spoken up by now, yeah?

    I think it's a nice topic to talk about, though if I were you, I wouldn't expect it to become a feature anytime soon. ;)
  11. Exactly, that's what I was thinking. :rolleyes:
    Sorry, though!

    I think all of these three thoughts are just one argument, and a pretty weak one at that. ;) I have seen demand for it, personally. People have spoken up about it before.
    I'd just like to ask these people... have you actually been on fora with a dislike button, and used it? I feel like otherwise you might not have right of speaking in this discussion.
  12. As stated here:

    This suggestion has been made before and Aikar himself responded here stating that it was not going to happen:

    So as of now, the community has once again given their thoughts and the EMC administration sees no valid argument for changing our stance. This thread is hereby closed.
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