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  1. Also if you didn't like this you could dislike it..... oh wait....
  2. -1. EMC forums are made for support, not for opposition, and running around spreading the message on other peoples profiles wont give you more votes, just annoyment from the victims. And besides, what we say or what we oppose can be asserted through comments on said circumstance, adding a like button can lower a players self esteem and thus shouldn't be added
  3. And saying a dislike button can avoid my need for typing doesn't solve the fact that people like to express themselves. so even though I don't like it, I still want to express myself. Not to mention that there are trolls who can dislike every post a person makes
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  4. lol
  5. This has been suggested numerous times before and denied for reason Commander laid out pretty well.
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  6. rip lol
  7. I think that the world needs right now is a little more negativity.

    Sure, the internet is a horrible, dark place that gives platforms to some horrendous views and horrendous people. Sure, I can read a free book on the heat death of the universe and how earth is going to be consumed by the sun eventually. Sure, I can read J.K Rowling tweeting about how the wizards in the Harry Potter universe used to poo on the floor, and cast a spell on it to clean it up. Sure, I can hop onto Reddit and see a deep-fried, chocolate-coated, hummus-sprinkled bagel, about to be eaten by a Scotsman.

    But this... none of this is enough.

    What the world needs is more negativity. And I think that this negativity should invade the places that people go to escape negativity - just for maximum effect. Screw controversial sections, screw the light-hearted atmosphere this forum generally usually radiates. Screw the people who come here for their online friends and to escape their lives, for whatever reasons, many of them having a lack of confidence or self-esteem.

    We need to add a dislike button, so I can tell people how much I hated their post but not actually tell them why (constructively). And if I don't like the person generally, I'll just stalk their every post and dislike every single thing they make and create a hostile environment for them. And it'll just be a thing that the mods have to add onto their already quite large plate - maybe they'll get inefficient at policing this niche little button and I can harass someone without the staff noticing for a little while. Maybe it'll look like I'm being reasonable and I can get away with it.

    I'm not going to pretend I like everything everyone posts on here. In fact, I'm quite the opinionated person and one of my biggest character flaws is perhaps being (a little bit) insensitive. But I'll have to vote 'no' on the dislike button, for the hypothetical reasons above. There's quite a bit of room for abuse, it removes the middle-man of constructive criticism and discussion - for example, with a dislike button, I could press the button to dislike your suggestion and never make a post like this, and you'd never know why I pressed it.

    There's also the matter of people seeing that nobody has liked your post, seeing you've got a lot of dislikes, and deciding there must be something wrong with it and adding a dislike to it. Maybe there's even several users using the harassment strategy I detailed above, and now there's more users joining in as a result of the sizeable number of dislikes they see. Hive minds/herd mentality is very real and very much an issue on social media, internet forums, and even real life.

    I do like the idea at first glance - I love easily discrediting an argument without proper engagement because I am an incredibly lazy person - but it's not healthy, it's overwhelmingly negative, and could be abused.

    I say we stick with the simple and positive like button. If you disagree with what someone said, tell them why. If you really need more reaction buttons, I want a 'love' one so when I really like what someone said I'll use it instead. Maybe I'll even use it all the time - 'liking' something does sound a bit underwhelming. Suggest that for me please :p

  8. Your reasons for 'no' perfectly represent what Im trying to emphasize
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  9. I agree with gaming comander that adding a like button is bad for emc, I also think having a dislike button is bad, remove 'em all lol
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  10. *likes*
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  11. another argument is that if a player see's they aren't getting any likes while someone else is, could too lower their self esteem? *makes petition*
  12. More importantly a “meh” button... *world turns upside down*
  13. :O
  14. No. We don't need to add Reddit's dislike button reputation/culture to EMC.
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  15. Yosh your criticism of others is bad enough, we don't need a dislike button.
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  16. I'm glad it seems like you're being unserious. I'm also glad that this thread gave us a nice post from former SoulPunisher.
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  17. That’s actually a perfect analogy. Reddit has s sort of hive mind and any post that disagrees gets downvoted into oblivion.
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  18. :O T^T now i want one more xD
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  19. Well, they others are right when they said that this has been suggested before. I know because I once suggested the idea myself (quite a few years ago). Although I do agree that some players could abuse the feature I also don't consider that a valid argument perse. Because instead of denying a feature out of fear it could be abused, why not do something about the abusers instead? It's not as if dislikes would be anonymous.

    I don't necessarily agree with Alt up there that we need more negativity; personally I'd rather swap out negativity for criticism. Being critical about stuff isn't a bad thing, and getting critical comments yourself also isn't bad. As long as you don't take 'm out of context or completely freak out about it.

    Which is why I'd support the dislike option. See: like it or not, but there will come a time where you can't shield yourself from other peoples opinions anymore. If you got a job then you can't just ignore whatever opinion your employer has about you. Well... I suppose you can easily ignore it, but if that opinion was negative then you might want to change your ways because otherwise you'll be looking for a new job.

    However, the one thing I'm not too sure about is if this would be a good thing for EMC. Personally I think it could be good, for reasons mentioned above. But on the other hand: I can also imagine that most (?) people participating on the forums do so to have a good time. They don't want to bother themselves with real world stuff, this is a nice escape from all of the nonsense. And then a dislike button could become a bad thing. Bad for EMC that is: because getting people active on the forums is good, scaring them away not so good; I can well imagine that some people won't like getting dislikes and then simply walk away from using the forums.
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