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  1. I always see posts that I don't like or that make me angry and I wish I could dislike them.... Its always too much work to write out a full reply and I think it would be much simpler this way. Since theres probably a lot of sensitive ppl out there......... maybe they can be anonymous or something. I just think it would be much easier and I see myself using this feature a lot. thanks
  2. That's something to do with xenforo the software used for the forums an updated version has a dislike button but EMC most likely won't be update to it at least to my knowledge
  3. I don't like stuff like that personally. Just no need for that kind of negativity (which is what it is). Easier to just ignore/forgot something you don't like.
  4. +0. Don't know how I feel about this. But I have had posts that made me mad/offended me/hurt me.
  5. If it isn't worth a reply, then it usually isn't worth getting upset over. If so much makes you angry, that is not healthy. It is even more unhealthy to support such anger.
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  6. -1 People would abuse this badly. Imagine someone disliking all of a person's posts just as a way to troll them.
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  7. Obviously I'm not staff, just a regular players, etc, etc. Getting it out of the way just in case ;)

    I agree. Fully agree, but I'm decently sure it's not going to happen.

    For 2 reasons: It's been denied before. I still sent in a suggestion afterwards just like this and well, some of the (deserved!) comments I got were amongst the lines of: "If this would come to pass I would dislike this" (auch ;) but a fair comment!). That also got denied.

    This is what Aikar had to say:

  8. Yeaahhh... no. This would brood toxicity within the community and could cause arguments and feuds amongst members. It also has plenty of room for abuse.

    If it annoys you so much, give an angry reply to it. If it's not worth doing that to you'd have no use for a dislike button either.
  9. There's already a button for that. It's called 'Log Out'.
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  10. *dislike spams everyones profile*
  11. The same reason that Facebook doesn't have one. Its a negative impact that doesn't promote a positive atmosphere. No dislike feature will ever be added to EMC Forum for possibly that reason.
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  12. This was more beautiful than my subwoofer mosh pit filled with a thousand babies and the blood of my enemies.
    To be fair Facebook skips right over 'dislike' and moves straight on to 'Hate/Angry'. I use it all the time on my sister's posts just to spite her lol.
  13. Exactly
  14. As pointed out in above posts, this is a already suggested idea that has been denied.
    Closing thread.
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