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  1. Hey. Can we have an option that instead if liking the post, we dislike it? And maybe in our profile where it shows how much likes we have it had the dislikes next to it? Just a simple suggestion that would be nice.
    So uh yeah.
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  2. I suggested this a while back, and it was not approved.
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  3. I feel like this would just end up making a lot of people feel really bad. Plus, some people might "troll" by disliking every post they see. An Anti-Equinox, really. And that would be, well, bad. :)
  4. I guess this could turn out bad. Very bad.
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  5. Would you like me to close this thread as the topic has been answered?
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  6. They call him.... solstice_intern
  7. I want to see what others have to say first. Maybe after a few more people decide then close the thread
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  8. No, it's not good idea because it would start unwanted arguments in the forums. If don't like a post don't pay attention to it.
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  9. #]%{*}*{%]%}*[£]+}^{ NO
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  10. The suggestion has been made before. It was turned down, Closing thread.
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