Deck the Halls 2018!

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  1. It's not that I don't want it. it is that it is too big for my feet and there is only one. Plus the fact that I put it in the middle of my outposts entrance and it needs to go.
  2. Simple solution: move it and make a pair
  3. Or easy solution, throw it in the dryer, I find that always works to lose a sock...
  4. That's why there was dirt in the corner! I was sure I hadn't left one there. I took it off - hope that doesn't mess anything up. Can't wait to behold the hall of socks!
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  5. OMG! No! That is sock murder.
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  6. Has mine been copied?
  7. For those that were not at today's Christmas Eve event you missed out on a lot of fun. Don't worry though as more fun is to be had! Keep an eye open on the forum and in-game for more events tomorrow and beyond.

    But don't wait to see all the Holiday Stockings that were made. Go on over to the Staff build residence on the /games server. Just /v funland once on /games and walk straight ahead to see them all!

    Happy Holidays!
  8. Was tonight's event posted on the main page? I was waiting for an event to be announced but never saw anything about it. :(
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  9. Yup. There was a post on the main page.
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  10. Had to turn my render distance up to see them, but wow did ya'll do a great job of building and designing your stockings - they look great :D
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  11. Deck the Halls is nice, but I always really love this one...

    To each and every one of you :)
  12. Merry Christmas everyone, hope ya guys have a wonderful one
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  13. Merry Christmas!
    love you all ❤️!
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  14. Ooh there's my stocking! :D Haha it got put facing the wrong way X3

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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  15., and here I thought I was making a big pair of stockings. They're tiny booties compared to most everyone else~! :D
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  16. Mines on top of the furnace, unseeable to the eye ;)
  17. Looks great! I especially love the fireplace- just wish I could get past the barrier blocks to see closer. Is there a way in I'm not seeing?
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