Deck the Halls 2018!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Oh oh oh! I'll do one related to my name if you know what I mean :3

    I'll get started later today! :D
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  2. Not the best pixel artist, but I like how my came out.

  3. it looks strangely familiar:
  4. I finished mine today. It’s not amazing, but it works
  5. I'll come out of my retirement to throw my submission in. I say throw in a "Light" term

  6. I know it's a double post but... When creativity sparks, time to go to single player. Will be editing it a little bit...

  7. Gotta be my Christmas jumper!
  8. I'm loving all of the stockings so far! Don't forget: blocks only please.
  9. oops
  10. So fences and iron bars alright?
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  11. Yeah they classify as blocks when it comes to lag, so no issue there.
  12. I thought so, just making sure

  13. Trying to capture that Dr Seuss feel :)

  14. All finished! I might copy it to my residence, why not? :D

    Here is a close-up of the stocking, I realize the name distorted the stocking above :p
    Edit: sorry for taking up half the freaking page...
  15. That looks amazing!
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  16. Thank you! I didn't really have an idea so I thought I would just go with my name for the stocking :p
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  17. Now that's a tasty looking sock! (Never thought I would say that)
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  18. I wonder, how big is the hall we're decking?
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