Deck the Halls 2018!

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  1. Thanksgiving is over and it's time to get those Christmas decorations up!
    This year, to kick off the holiday season, we're Decking the Halls (with stockings).

    Create your own personal stocking on EMC and our awesome staff will COPY it and move it to a hall that we'll celebrate more in later in December. You're helping us to decorate, and adding the best touch of all to our decor: the community! (you get all your materials back)

    Pixel art with maximum depth of 2. (this means blocks, not heads, banners, item frames, etc)
    Maximum height: 25
    Maximum width: 25
    Note: Feel free to change the angle of the stocking if you wish, but stay in the size limits so we can fit them all at the end.

    PLEASE one stocking per PERSON, not per account. There's a lot of players and crowding the halls with alts is not what this is for.

    Example of an acceptable stocking:

    Fill out this form when you are ready:

    December 7th @ 11:59 pm EMC time

    Staff will move the stockings AFTER the deadline, so leave it up until we send you a message saying we've got it copied.

    This is NOT a contest.
    The only prize is adding to the joy of our holiday season on EMC (which is pretty priceless in my opinion).
  2. Cool! This will be fun.
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  3. awesome ill get started soon
  4. Maybe I'll do this.
  5. I may give this a shot.
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  6. Great idea!! I'll get to building one soon~ :D
  7. im super happy with this event design its is way better than any of the others lol 100% Thank you Kryssy
  8. EMC's gonna look like a festive laundromat with all these single socks around ;)
  9. OMG this is going to look amazing after it's done! Yes! Great idea!
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  10. You already know I'm doing this
  11. Merry Faded Christmas
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  12. *squeals* YES YES YES!!

    time to ready spritecraft >:]
  13. Sounds like fun!
  14. Now to move it over to EMC.
  15. Pixels away!!!
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  16. Cool I'll love this I'll start mine this weekend
  17. Added clarification on blocks allowed to OP.

    Due to the amount of these that we'll have in one area, as well as the need to move them around when organizing, please ONLY include blocks. Excess other items DO cause lag and we want to keep lag down where these will be (for other reasons).

    Do not include item frames, heads, signs, banners, etc...

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  18. Woot! I'll give it a try ;) Maybe an eggo stocking? :D
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  19. With syrup coming out of the top!
  20. Can’t wait to start building! I hope we do more events like this.