Deck the Halls 2018!

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  1. I understand all that, You will "copy" all art work and then we can take down the original. where can I view all the art work? the place you are moving the copies to.
  2. I imagine there will be an event around this to showcase all the stockings in one hall/many halls. We all just have to be patient on when/where that will be
  3. Very well worded
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  4. Very useful for the next time i stick my foot in my mouth..
  5. thanks, I was just looking for an answer
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  6. Did I win yet? Oh, wait, not a contest... nvm :)
  7. And otherwise it would be a month until we would see the results. ;P
  8. We all win. :D
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  9. Of course!
  10. Hey, I was wondering, how much longer until the Hall is up? I'm really wanting to see all the stockings that were made, maybe even make a video looking at each of them.
  11. I'm with you on that one...
  12. At least I can safely tell that the copying of my stocking has happened, but I wish I knew where they were all being displayed... :(
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  13. how can you tell?
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  14. I probably left some dirt or something on the corners lol

    anyhow, these will all be available for view soon :) They are all safely copied to the display!
  15. So does that mean I can remove the one at my outpost?
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  16. NO! U should keep it as something to remember ;)
  17. Wow! A sock he doesnt want to keep.... seems out of character...
  18. "leave it up until we send you a message saying we've got it copied."
    No dirt on the corners and no message yet? has it been copied or not?:confused: BTW, I never did get a reply weather I could build it at my outpost out in the Frontier instead of in town. maybe that's why there is no dirt on the corners and no message hes been sent, because I should have built it in town?
  19. Yep, you did. I might not know how to use them fancy tools but I know what it looks like when other people use 'em~ ;)
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  20. So Toades going around leaving dirty socks on other peoples residences eh? Mean.
    ... isnt that.. like.. griefing kinda ??