Deck the Halls 2018!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. There are some very nice socks here!!
    And then there is the sock in the post above mine which is very unnice.
  2. *Wipes away my tears with tinsel* :(
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  3. Here is what I came with...

    There will be nice and there is also naughty. ;)

  4. shoulda made one green and one a wine bottle holder ;)
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  5. If only I can do big like that lol
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  6. I built my emc one on /v +foxysback
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  7. What's the max size of the stocking?
    Also I can't wait to see everyone else's stockings!
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  8. :)
  9. 25 x 25 x 2
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  10. Then theres me who did a depth of 3 because I'm stupid <o/
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  11. here me and sazukemono's

  12. i'm too lazy to hop back online atm and grab a screenshot of it on the server but this is what it looked like before I rebuilt my stocking on emc.
  13. Mine. Is. Gorgeous.
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  14. where do we go to view all the great Christmas art of the EMCer's
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  15. :)
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  16. Decided to change up my stocking with a few last minute tweaks :p
  17. Question directed at the staff team: So my cousin, FireNoodle does not have access to the forums, so being the nice cousin I am I filled out the application for him. When his stocking is moved I was wondering if you could message me.
  18. I managed to gain enough courage to go online and build my stocking with 2 hours to spare. Glad it will be shown to others :)