Day 4: Stockings to Hang

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  1. Merry Christmas everyone

  2. Alt's Voters Boots! :p Makeshift campfire and all :D
  3. Fitting to this year, I only hung-up virtual stockings because I don't have a fireplace or stairs with railing. :D

  4. No irl stocking this year but this will do!

    Forgot how to add the picture so I just posted the link. But anyways I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays and I hope you get to spend it with loved ones and friends :)
  6. Here are my EMC stockings hung up! I made the picture a little big, click it to have fun. :p

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  7. I better win or this creepy ass stocking is gonna come and get you.

  8. I appear to not be the only one having this "unique" idea. Kuddos to other elaborate thinkers out there.

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  9. Carly gets a stocking too!
  10. HeyitsmeJC and I built our (individual) stockings together and decided to make holiday cards out of them. Please note we did NOT "reusing someone else's pictures". We spent several hours and many deaths building these (the deaths were from me not liking any of the "M" in the shopping area and us having to die over and over again to get full names for both of us in those heads).


    Hope you all have an enjoyable and fun-filled holiday season!

  11. MisterNotNice and I have built these together and we made Holiday Cards!
    So we wish you Happy Holidays and wish you the best!

  12. These stockings are nearly eight years old. Used to belong to a friend of mine but now I carry the legacy. Merry Christmas everyone!

  13. carrot for the reindeer , milk and a mince pie for santa
    and stockings for my alt and me :)