Day 4: Stockings to Hang

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  1. I have no clue how to add the photo through the url...tried so many times but keep failing. If it doesn't work here is the url for anyone who can help

  2. I hung up the old Tigger stocking. Please forgive the missing coloration on his leg, he’s old. xD

  3. It's no stocking - but it is hung up on the tree with care:

    I will add the in game stocking later, once I hang it.

    Here it is!

    A close up. Instructions unclear. Received coal.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Couldn't muster up the effort to build one, but this is pretty snug :)
  5. Having problems posting, I have the URL from Imgur but the image won't show when I post it, just a broken link. :confused:
  6. My IRL stocking! Complete with a frog and fire, of course. :D
  7. Try and open the photo "in a new tab" (dont know if that is what it says on an english computer) and copy that link. It should work
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  8. So, I dont really have the tradition with stockings in my family, or anyone I know to be honest, but I tried looking at a few pictures and tried my best to make a nice sock to decorate my mall, well at least I tried.

    (Disclaimer, I know it is not centered, and it bugs me too!)

  9. Ah thank you that worked. I was using the copy link button on Imgur but apparently I needed that .jpg on the end to embed properly.

  10. Unhung stockings bcz lazy. Hope that these will do just fine!
  11. I uh.. Might've Read this as Sefl was very confused for a split second :eek:

    Also this is Mine made by my Great-Grandma! One for each of my family members does exist :D