Day 4: Stockings to Hang

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  1. 24 HOUR GIVEAWAY!!!
    Day 4: Stockings to Hang
    This is a giveaway event that will last 24 hours from the time of posting.

    How to enter:
    -One entry per person, no alts. Unique entries only, no reusing someone else's pictures.
    -Post a picture of your stocking hanging in-game or in real life to this thread.
    -Wait until deadline and hope the randomizer chooses you.

    10 random winners will receive 25k rupees each and the softest stockings on EMC: Feather Fallllling Boots

    Now let's see those stockings!

  2. Just waiting for Santa
  3. I really enjoy seeing the artwork you have created for this event. It adds life to the homepage.
    Who are those pointy green socks for?
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  4. I like that these stockings turned out to match my in-game outfit! Happy holidays, everyone!

    (also my cat, Mister Fuzzles, was a little camera-shy for this photo :oops:)

  5. Check out our Facebook page for new artwork with each day release =)
    Someone with small feets
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  6. I expect it to be full, Mr. Claus.

    If you look at my last few forum posts with photo attachments, my narcissism really starts to show...
  7. I don't really have christmas stockings, but I do have this old red sock hanging over my snow globe...

    I think I did it: I made the most ugly Minecraft build imaginable. The snow globe is an old commisioned project I rejected because I thought it was too kitch. It's not good, but it doesn't burn your eyes out like the sock, which I worldedited in in like five minutes... My god it is terrible.
    I know, I should have at least washted it.
  8. A lil' stocking :) Happy holidays ya'll!
  9. Just got this one last week :+1:

  10. Decided to bring a classic back!

  11. This is why I'm not a builder...I tried.
  12. Turned out better than I thought it would...

  13. I'm currently at my outpost so I decided to take a quick screenshot of myself with my stockings :p
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  15. Laziest stocking hanging ever. Also temporary, just for this post :D
  16. I still had my smelly sock hanging about. Here is my entry then!

  17. Was at an outpost, had to improvise.

  18. Me and my sub-par building skills here to say hello. :D