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  1. Hi everyone,

    Because I am unoriginal, I will be copying Shaneka's idea of doing riddles every once in a while (once or twice a month). Some of my riddles are really easy, while others are extremely difficult. Similar to Shaneka, the riddles will start out pretty easy, and will progressively get more difficult. If nobody solves the riddle, I will give out hints.

    Good luck!

    Riddle: You and your family are on a road trip from your hometown (City A) to grandma and grandpa's house (City B). Between the City A and City B is a newly built bridge. At the top of the bridge is a single toll booth with a toll booth operator. Whenever a car arrives at the toll booth, the toll booth operator tells the driver "go back." How can you and your family get across the bridge to reach City B?
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  2. I have a couple ideas. 1. Walk across and don't bring a car 2. Drive to the toll booth in reverse. When he says "go back" you can drive backwards across the bridge and get to the other city.
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  3. Your second Idea is correct: You will have to drive in reverse to cross the bridge.
  4. As soon as I saw the quote I knew it was the secret to getting it.
  5. couldnt you just use the old bridge?
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  6. True.... Just wanted to embellish the story a little bit...
  7. Heres another riddle: There is an apartment building in New York. In that apartment building lives a man by the name of Mr. Johnson. Every day, Mr. Johnson takes the elevator from the top floor of the apartment building (level 34) to the main lobby (level 1); however, when he comes back from work, Mr. Johnson takes the elevator from the main lobby to level 17 and walks the way up back to his apartment. Why?
  8. I actually saw this one in a book and remember it but I won't spoil it for others who want to give it a try. This is definitely a hard one.
  9. Its one of my favorite riddles. You can PM me the solution if you'd like!
  10. By the way, the next riddle (posted after someone correctly answers the current one) will be more of an arithmetic problem that can be approached in various ways.
  11. His apartment isn't on the 34th floor?
  12. This one's one of my favorite riddles -
    He's too short to reach the button to the 34th floor when he comes home, and can only reach up to the 17th button. He then gets out and walks up the stairs to his apartment. But when he leaves, he can reach the 1st button.
  13. Oh that's sneaky :eek:
  14. We prefer the term "vertically challenged".
  15. He's on an excercise trend that makes him have to walk up that many stairs. :D
  16. Ah yes
  17. Babycreepersrule solved this riddle correctly! I do love all the responses; they were all very entertaining!
  18. Aha, I knew that one in an enhanced version: normally she went up to floor 17, but if it rained, she went up to 34.
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  19. In 607's version, the person had an umbrella.
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