Cul's Riddles!

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  1. I knew it was something like that but...
    They are not in the middle etc...
  2. from barrel #1 remove 10%
    from barrel #2 remove 20%
    from barrel #9 remove 90%

    Weigh all 10 barrels at once. The result will be different depending on how much was removed from the 11kg barrel.
  3. Weird. I assumed it was t g e because the beginning of "the end" is t. The middle of "the beginning" is g if you count the space. The end of "the middle" is e.
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  4. You are close to it :)
  5. What is left to do other then the math? I am too lazy for that :p
  6. I had to paraphrase because people were just Googling my riddles.
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  7. Not so much a riddle, but a fun puzzle. Basic understanding of what f12 does in a browser is needed.
    I am on the second puzzle
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