Cul's Riddles!

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  1. Half way, then you would run out :cool:
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  2. This is in exactly the same words on the internet elsewhere, and you used arial, which I don't see you using very often. Both kind of suspicious, don't you think?
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  3. You're good, alright 1 more.

    What is at the beginning of the end, the middle of the beginning, and the end of the middle?
  4. Dang... I know this one...
    Uh.. Why are you stalking the fonts I use EH EH?
  5. Since the words, "the woods", are two-dimensional, you can't run far into them at all. :p
  6. Okay the truth, I did use the internet for the first answer I did but for the 2nd I didn't
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  7. You're a witty one, I'll give you that.
  8. T G E?
  9. Why, thank you. :)
  10. The letter E?
    End begins with E, middlE ends with E, and there's an E somewhere in the middle of bEginning
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  11. You got it.
  12. I thought it was that, but then I thought "nah, the middle of "beginning" is not at all an e, e is the second letter, far from the middle". But apparently I took "middle" a bit too literal.
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  13. I had my doubts too, but I assume people wont kill me for a bad guess... So I went for it :D
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  14. I can see that as a reasonable argument.
  15. Just gonna bring my one from earlier back up if someone wants to take a stab at it.

    What is the same as it's complement, different than its inverse and opposite of its reciprocal?

    As well as a new one...

    If the sky is blue because of the refraction of light through the earth's atmosphere, grass is green because it contains the pigment chlorophyll which absorbs all colors of light to some extent except green and my eye color is brown because of multiple alleles from each of my parents that cause a mix of the colors to get this specific shade of brown, then what does that mean?
  16. I learnt this one over the Christmas holidays, and there's an extra bit to it:
    Look in the mirror, then at the wall and back at the mirror to see what you saw. Use the saw to cut the table in half and join the two halves to make a whole. Put the “hole” on the wall and climb out.
    You yell till you're hoarse, then you mount the horse and ride away.
  17. I have one too, to keep this going ^^

    There are 9 barrels of sugar. Every barrel contains sugar with a weight of 10 kg/m³ ... except for one that contains sugar with a weight of 11 kg/m³.
    You have a perfectly working scale that you can only use once.

    Find the barrel that holds the heavy sugar!
  18. I'd love to answer this one because it's very tempting for my math brain, but my non-english brain has dificulties understanding the question :'(
  19. What is the same as its complement (something that completes or makes perfect,, different than its inverse (opposite) and opposite of its reciprocal (something that is reciprocal to something else; equivalent; counterpart; complement,
    I hope that helps.
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  20. Well, first off, kg/m³ is a density, not a weight. And if that were the density... well, water has a density of 999.97 kg/m³ so... I'm guessing it's supposed to just be kg :p

    Idea 1: Put the heavier barrel on one side of the scale. You win because you know which one the heavier is.

    Idea 2: It's probably labeled with the weight so... that.

    Idea 3: Ignore the scale and poke a hole in the bottom of each barrel. The one that takes the longest to empty is (well, -was-) the 11 kg one.

    Idea 4: Poke holes in all but one barrel and wait a while. That remaining barrel is now the heaviest barrel.

    Idea 5: I'm assuming that this isn't like 9 barrels of sugar and a scale randomly out in the middle of the woods with nobody nearby and my guess is if there are sugar barrels that big, it's at some kind of factory or other place of business so you can probably find someone who works there if they know.