Controversial Thread System Change

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  1. Yesterday, we ran a poll to gauge the general reaction of the community with regards to the controversial thread section. From the beginning, this poll showed the same trend with a 70-75% majority. This vote trend did not change throughout the day, so we called it at just over 100 submissions, the general amount of responses we receive before a stall in responses.

    After taking these votes into consideration, it's clear that the majority of the community does not wish to have these threads public by default and we feel that it is a good compromise to address issues with players who cannot handle the maturity of these sections, and unfortunately aren't mature enough to remove themselves.

    Therefore, as of today, the controversial section is now an opt-in system. If you wish to participate in the Controversial section, please fill out the following form. Please read and accept the terms and conditions in order to be added:
    Opt IN to the Controversial Thread Section
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  2. Good to know its opt-in now. Maybe that will keep things more under control.

    Edit: I had LuckyGreenBird's profile picture in mind when I put this.
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  4. Great. :)
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  5. Wow, that's a huge majority and I know what a huge majority is
  6. I believe it's pronouced 'uge'. :D

    Also nice to check the forums this morning and not see just [Controversial] threads. Great change!
  7. Wait until you opt in. ;)
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  8. I might just opt-in to opt out. Like Opt-ception! :cool:
  9. Much better idea, it should also make more players cautious and more aware that if they get to harsh to others they could be kicked out of controversial for life
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  10. I think this is the right call because sometimes controversial threads tend to escalate too fast.
  11. They still can. I think the most important benefit of this is new players won't get these threads thrown into their faces right away.
  12. So glad this all worked out <3
  13. Biggest question is, can we opt-out at any time if we did opt-in?
  14. Yes.
  15. I'm glad things did change! Like said previously, the amount of controversial threads that are shown to new players or any player really was quite a lot before, and personally I don't think that's a good way to introduce them to the EMC forums. It can even cause arguments from people who don't exactly know the rules of the controversial thread but decide to join in anyway.
    Plus, it should make it a lot more easy to manage and moderate when there's only a set list of people participating.
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  16. Great :)

    I hope this also means less drama in this section overall. (due to probably less drama-causing people having access to it)

    Something I do wonder now I think about that even more: Would a Trump-figure (basically the same person but without the fame) actually get access to it? I personally wouldn't be sure... (I'm not refering to what he says, but to how) It would probably make quite an interesting controversial thread... :p

    Also: some oppinions that are spread on controversial threads are illegall to spread in quite a lot of European countries (for the same reason publicly swearing is illegal) maybe add that to the conditions you wrote down. Both in case someone starts argreeing with it, to when they say it to someone publicly (like, to a police man or something), end up with a large fine, or to warn people they could be insulted way more as they're used to. For example: trying to convince other people gay/trans/bi people could be "cured" to normal people would be illegal in the Netherlands (Whenether it's good or not)
  17. We aren't planning to go down the rabbit hole of listing what is illegal in different countries. We may never escape the hole if we did. If they are from there, then they would be informed of those legalities plenty.
  18. Can I have an opt-out for Auction threads? :D
  19. You make me wonder whether Donald Trump's got a Minecraft account...
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