[CONTEST] Show Your Love Contest

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  1. There's something special for everyone this month! :love: :<3:

    To enter the contest, post a screenshot of you and your love (animate or inanimate) on EMC to the thread along with a message about WHY you love them/it.

    Every participant will be sent a Valentine's Day Treat on Valentine's Day (or after if the submission is after Valentine's Day).

    One submission per person. The deadline to enter is February 28th, 2023 at 11:59 PM EMC time.

    10 random participants (before the end of Valentine's Day) will receive something extra special to be released on Valentine's Day.
  2. friends like UltiPig are what make EMC the best MC server.. ft. my LOVEly smurf piggy head and my astronaut skin. not only does he offer lovely stonk advice, he and i believe SMP8 is the best server in the Empire. :D
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  3. when you say limit is one submission per account do you mean only one per person or are alts allowed? :)
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  4. Thanks for checking! I meant one per person -- I have updated the wording. :)
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  5. The community makes EMC great. I am truly a different person from my experiences on the server in the last (almost) 11 years. :)
    I'm blue in this screenshot because I'm Martian for now... :D
    FadedMartian stole my spacesuit.

    I was making a list of everyone I appreciate, but I didn't want to forget someone and leave their name out of the list, so it's not here. I listed 48 active players (online this year) ALL from memory. I appreciate you all. ❤️❤️❤️(hearts copied from IcecreamCow's profile).
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  6. My greatest treasures, some of my greatest memories from events and people, are all stored in these chests. From the first week when I joined this server and participated in AND won my first fire floor, I was awarded a new Rudolph egg. They weren't much back then but when I got that item it set me on a mission to collect as many as I could. To me these are things I can look and remember where or how or from who I got them from.
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  7. I love collecting promos (even though I'm kinda bad at it) also friendship is nice too I guess /s

    Edit: Forgor reason, I guess I just enjoy collecting items and going back through the collection and think back on the good times with my friends (teehee). Also chicken intern photobomb.

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  8. I love our big, world wide, ever changing community. I've been able to meet and befriend people I would have never been able to meet irl and some of those have become friends to share the joys and disappointments with. Second, I love my res on smp1.. it's not some big huge or fancy build but it holds so many memories of friends and adventures. What more could one ask for than be in a community such as ours? I <3 EMC.

  9. I love purple because it is pretty :p
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  10. Was gonna mention my promo collection, but there's already a few ppl who did that, so ill go with my second favorite thing:

    As a hoarder/collector, having a total of 216 DC's of crops and plants, and than an extra 136 DC's of backup storage, pictured here (that rlly needs to be expanded lol) rlly butters my croissant.

    Probably just my hunter gatherer caveman instincts, which is cool. But after the 200th double chest, i think i might have an problem....
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  11. I do love finding/acquiring new things to play and work with. I like collecting the promos and I like being a hoarder of things. Building is secondary to hoarding. :p I did, in the past, love being a moderator and a dev for a somewhat short period of time here as well. I also love the community around this place because even after being gone for a while, peoples welcome you back and you always get this family reunion vibe from it. What else can I say after 8+ years here? Feeling cute. Might build a dirt noob tower today. IDK. :D
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  12. When your husband won't play minecraft with you anymore, but you NEEEED him for showing love, What do you do?!?...... That's right you log his character in yourself! ;) Anyways , This is Clyde, he is a stinker that won't play minecraft with me anymore... BUT I love him in and out of game!

  13. My Wall of Friends, each head a special story/memory!
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  14. dis is a art made by progryck with me and my labrador dind want to put a irl picture so me with my best friend diesel the labrador dog

  15. I Love Anime / Manga (Anything Anime) :D Becasue Im A BIg Fan
  16. i start toeliet them to were can i get that map ary
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  17. It was hard to choose one thing. I love the community, mushrooms, builds, collections, and many other things. I also even considered dirt, creeper holes and floating trees which I don't love, but I do love to tidy up and keep the wild areas nice and usable for everyone.

    But in the end I decided it is the length of time I've played on the server I love the most - for all those reasons and more. On Valentine's day it will be 3184 days - 8 years, 8 months, and 20 days. :love: :<3:
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  18. I'm going to go along with what several other people have said and mention my own promo collection. I don't really have any of the more rare things, but I suppose I can jump on the Fish Bowl bandwagon as well. ;)
    Seeing all the old promos makes me think about not just the history of the server, but all the various people who have spent time here and shaped the community into what it is today.

  19. I love to build mostly, but do like to keep up my collecting. For me however the love of my collection are not the promos, nor heads, nor even library. The most treasured collection I have is my personal items on the 5th floor.

    Here I store my digital memories in the form of gifts and items given by friends and players since I began, maps of my first builds, and later my first outposts build with friends. My original armor, first firefloor win, fantastic events like Toades thousand secrets, runders 1600th day, poofasaurus big event, pup hosting fates birthday; and also all the official events I was able to attend, especially being sacrificed as a greener. So to all the players, friends and associates on EMC, thank you all and Happy Valentines !

    - Raaynn
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  20. I love the Last Light Outpost (LLO) because...I'm not sure why... I guess I've spent the vast majority of my time on EMC in the LLO.