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  1. I can feel the meaning of this post. Lots of years. Lots of people. But you remember all your friends even before /friend was a thing. I gotta give a shout out to everyone that made MPO possible. Some I really started here with in a blaze farm in the waste. Didn't realize back then the waste was reset myself. That sucked. But some of us stuck together and we made like really 3 outposts "Unofficially". Got MPO, The Nether fortress and SO. Some peeps, I was surprised that joined. That was cool as hell if you is in MPO. It's been a thing since 2015. lol Anyway. Happy Valentine's everyone. Sowwy for the rant on this but it was the perfect topic. Why are you still here? That could be a thread in itself. Sowwy again. Great post Raaynn.
  2. Originally I was going to take a selfie with some bread (because who doesn't love bread!) but last night I had a fab time at The Big Dig :D I love the EMC community because they make me laugh <3
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  3. It says 'promos', are they only special items given out by staff then or also renamed items, heads etc?

    Love that one. :D And I agree! :D

    That's a lot! :eek:
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  4. That's really cool. :D
    I had a look, and noticed there were some items that weren't even renamed. Do you still remember why you got 6 blocks of green wool in 2017? :)
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  5. I love Piwi, because he is fun to look at and play with and is a nice plush in bed, but way more than that I love Piwi because he reminds me of so many people who are dear to my heart! Many of my best friends in high school liked Piwi a lot, my two young cousins grew up loving Piwi, Piwi is of course very famous on EMC... so I love Piwi because I love the people that love him. :D
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  6. Yep, was a player event where we had to dig wool to find prizes. Also won the evilertoade head... may have been burki?
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  7. I'm going to be another one who picks the community. EMC has a great one and it's why I've stayed for 4 going onto 5 years later this month. I love playing with you all! And I've accumulated a huge folder of memories/screenshots.
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  8. I love my aquarium and the Tropical Fish of Minecraft.
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  9. Me and my wife. :)
    I love the time we spend together.

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  10. Sometimes I wish my GF played this game but then we'd both get nothing done 🤣
  11. I love my husband because he's my best friend and a cool person with good taste in music and women ;)

  12. Cant say there is just one single thing I love since I love almost everything about minecraft - BUT I am proud of this redstone staircase I built! (it took me 2 months to complete :eek:)

  13. I've been doing redstone since I started playing Minecraft, and haven't stopped since. :p
    There's something satisfying about designing farms and seeing them work (and lag servers). A few of them are public, so that's kind of my contribution to the community

  14. My EMC friends <3 never expected to have so many when I joined this server one random weekday morning after a random google search, but im so glad I did! :D
  15. My best friend, Bosoc, and I, are celebrating 7.6 years worth of friendship this year. We met on Empire Minecraft in August of 2015. Ever since, we have always built new things, adventured, and conquered the world of EMC together. Before "adulting" hit my life, we would spend hours upon hours, exploring new ideas and figuring out how to implement them into our builds. Whether we reset our residences and start from scratch a thousand times, or venture out into the wilderness and find a comfortable place there, we always found something new to experience. And by seeing our builds preserved on this server, a reminder of our creativity will always exist. It has been nothing but fun, and we look forward to continuing our tradition furthermore. If it werent for EMC, we definitely would not have been where we are today. Here's to a good Valentine's day and many more!

    Happy Early Valentine's Day to all! Much love.

  16. Snad. It's coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere ♥
  17. qestion i dond under stand the idea of valentines day probely love or somting is it weart i asked 1 of my friends to be my valentine i mean why not but is that like the rigt way ?? to bribe him with chocklate
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  18. ey where is your "screenshot of you and your love"
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  19. im not gona send u a picture of me